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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Also looks as if Someone's Looking At You is the normal incorrect CD version?
    The 45 plays 4.08 and has a different intro, and has never been on CD to my knowledge.
  2. Interesting length for Casanova. I always thought the 45 version was around 3.30, as found on an old compilation Soul Years 1980. Never had a copy of the actual 45 to be absolutely certain though.

    More often than not, it's a 6 minute version on CD, presumably the 12" version.
  3. Oops, my's 2.16 not 3.16!
  4. The differences in track lengths were never something I bothered with until very recently, so I will always bow to others' greater knowledge. Posting up what these compilations have on them is about the extent of my talents! Sometimes I find I have edits that I didn't realise I had, tucked away on a compilation or one of multiple Best Ofs. What I've got in my actual iTunes library for immediate comparison isn't always the full picture. If only I'd been more attentive when first building my iTunes!

  5. So hard getting the correct versions with the correct duration, millions of comps out there and we still struggle to get the proper single released version, it is also getting harder to get the durations of comps so you can check before you buy, if only record companies would include this on the cover or on there sites i know i would be buying more comps.
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  6. I'm no better, all my home-made stuff just has track titles and something to denote what mix/edit/version it is, if necessary. I never thought to put track times on them, but I wish I had! Just prepping an expanded Wet Wet Wet anthology, and put the times on the tracklisting to see if it helps me, and I have to say it looks a whole lot better.
  7. So, guys... I believe this is a great topic to start this convo.
    I am sort of a music collector myself, and I'm super annoyed with the edit mix-ups and tracking all the correct versions. I was thinking of creating a Discogs-like platform, but with several key differences:
    - multiple "similar" editions i.e. identical tracklists will be merged into one page (this annoys me immensely on Discogs)
    - each track will have its own page
    - each VARIANT of the track would have a page on where/how to find it
    and some other things. This is a demo concept for now... Contributions of real pop collectors would be crucial, so I was wondering... Who's with me?
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  8. Was thinking about setting up one of those free forums to do just that also to list the info ie duration`s when we buy comps etc, also somewhere where we can discuss edits, remixes and request rips because of cd failure, i am someone who buys a lot of music, and gets annoyed when record companies don`t seem to release any info..

    REQ: Anyone got the Five Star - Collection cd from music club deluxe, i have a issue ripping a track (can someone supply me the track) the track in question is the last track on cd 1 There's a Brand New World
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  9. I'd definitely be interested in such a project, @Future Lover .

    And I have that Five Star compilation so I'll see what I can do for you @imcal !
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  10. I (sometimes) find iTunes or Amazon Digital is helpful for tracks and track times for some newer compilations. You can also preview the tracks if you trust them to use the right sample and if you assume digital and CD tracks will be the same length as digital compilations don't have the time limits of a 74 minute CD.

    I am currently making a spreadsheet for my own personal use listing each UK single that entered the top 40 singles chart from 05/01/1980 through to 28/12/1991. I track down the length of the 7" version using a combination of Discogs, Youtube, my own record collection and note if I have that version on CD, MP3 or vinyl and if not where it is available. I am also recording whether a UK 12"/CD single with alternate versions or remixes where available and so on.

    So basically I am already doing what has been suggested in my own way but it is taking a lot of time!

    Perhaps a website combining's high resolution images and chart facts and track listings for all 7"s, 12"s and CD singles on one page including track times and where to find each track on CD would be my one stop shop.
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  11. Ha, that sounds like my Singles Logs covering the same era (and a little bit beyond), only I haven't put any track details or what CD/mp3 compilation I have them on.
  12. My personal project is simpler in many ways, as I'm only focussing on 45 versions, but I do cover UK Top 40 hits from 1952 through to the end of 1989. 12" versions only included where no 45 was issued at the time of the song charting.

    Returning to one track on the Top Of The Pops 1980 CD, 4.13 is too long for the single version of Police And Thieves. I'd logged 3.55 for it, but after receiving a vinyl rip to analyse, it's a little shorter than that, around 3.51.

    The 45 was originally released in 1976, but the 1980 reissue (with a different b-side) is identical.
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  13. Ugh! So their track tagging is wrong...I have the shorter version on an Island/Trojan compilation, and it came up as about 3.53 or something. I'll reinstate that in my iTunes Singles Log for 1980!

    Speaking of which, I have gone way beyond the Top 40 with my own project, which probably hasn't been the best decision since a lot of the stuff I can't find anywhere are from the lower regions of the chart.
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  14. Every possible source you can think of for researching 45 timings is unreliable. It started with original label times which were way out in many cases, and as for the digital era, a lot is contradictory and extemely confusing!

    I'm not surprised you're finding it hard to source lower chart stuff. Particularly with the 80s, I found loads of 31-40 hits hard to track down, never mind venturing even further down!
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  15. I leave them in the spreadsheet, highlighted in colour to taunt me for the rest of my days.
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  16. Can't Get By Without You is the 45 version, the other 2 are 6 minute plus extended versions.

    I've not come across the correct 45 version for the 86 remix of Can You Feel The Force on any CD as yet.
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  17. What is the duration of "can you feel the force 86" 45? i have a few cd's with a 3.55 version
  18. It's 3.58, but I was sent a 3.55ish version from CD and on comparison, it was a completely different version to the 45 right from the start. Came from the Castle Pulse compilation 80's Dance Groove.

    I have the same incorrect 3.55 remix on an Old Gold CD single.
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  19. Probably the same versions here then , i do have a couple of versions with a duration of just over 4minutes, not listened to them in ages but will check it out a bit later and get back 2 u
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