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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. It's on this;

    I just picked it up yesterday in a 4 for 99p deal, so I was going to update Discogs with the times and note the mixes/versions. For example, track 1 is the "3.29 Mix", which is actually 3:46, but is only on one other CD (when last I checked anyway).
  2. I am guessing the 'Don't Make Me Over" that is on Monster Hits that is actually 3:29 long is the (3:29 Mix). Am I right?
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  4. I have the album this mix is on and it's 3:46. See here;

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  5. The version of Don't Make Me Over on Monster Hits is the same mix as the 45 until around 3.22, just before the cold ending.

    At that point, the actual 45 switches to 20 seconds or so instrumental until the end fade.

    Anfunny2003 is absolutely correct linking to that Sybil CD, it was the one I bought for the 45 version. Odd that they tagged it 3.29 mix, especially as there is one!!

    I didn't know of that compilation CD.
  6. I get it now, thanks. Don't think I will be buying that CD for £50 though.
  7. Which version is it on Deep Heat 4 does anyone know? It is 3:40 on Discogs.
  8. Only additional info I can provide is that the 45 timed at 3.42 on my turntable, so if it the correct mix on that Deep Heat CD, then it won't be far out. Big if of course.
  9. Looks like an interesting compilation I hope you do update Discogs
  10. Thanks for that. That's two album versions and only Tone Loc is a single edit
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  12. We had this out in 2015... !
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  13. That quote from me was about JT & The Big Family ;)
  14. I don't know if a you all knew this already but I just discovered/realised that most of the versions of Billy Ocean's 'Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car' on compilations are not the actual 7" version and even the original 12" and CD single label this track as the 7" Version. The real 7" is 4:29 long and the so-called 7" Version is 4:45. NOW 11 included the longer version, as does the Very Best Of Billy Ocean. The only CD I have in my collection with the actual 7" is on The Greatest Hits Of 1988 (Telstar).
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  15. Deborah, do you have the actual UK 45? If so, can you verify the label time of 4.10 is incorrect?
    I only have the 12", and as you say, despite the tag, it's the 4.45 version on that.

    This version on You Tube is tagged single edit and is around the same length as the time on the label
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