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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. How about the mix on The Finest? That's 3.43.
  2. Sounds about right really. Looks like the original album version was a few seconds shorter?
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  3. I don't believe there is any alternative to that rare US promo CD single. I'm sure it would have been flagged up by someone if it existed elsewhere.
  4. ok, thanks!
  5. I think the single remix is also on their 1996 compilation 'The Finest' as Discogs lists it as being 3:43. Predictably this was not included on The Raw And The Cooked deluxe edition.
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  6. Should have read earlier posts sorry to repeat.
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  7. So Emotional (album mix) is such a powerful song, that Shep remix makes it sound like a Five Star song. I get the need for both (early 1988 in Europe was very different to the US, house, dance etc were starting to take over) though.
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  8. "So Emotional" is a great song written by two great writers - Steinberg and Kelly, it might be my favourite Whitney song but having known the Shep Pettibone mix before getting the album I think the album version sounds a bit weak with that drum machine.
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  9. I like both mixes of "So Emotional".

    The album/U.S. mix of Vanessa Williams' "Running Back To You" certainly owes a huge debt to that Shep Pettibone remix of "So Emotional" and "Right On Track" by The Breakfast Club.
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  10. I don't know why I like him

    As a kid I liked it but definitely loved it when I was a bit older. What a stomper.
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  11. I had the 7" of So Emotional before I got the album - so I was quite surprised the album version was different
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  12. Anyone now where the 4:33 version of People Are Strange by Echo & The Bunnymen originates? It's not the mix on the 7" single, nor is it the version on The Lost Boys soundtrack album (both 3:40). I thought perhaps the 12" single, but neither the 1988 or 1991 releases have it on according to Discogs. Was it really unreleased until 2001's Crystal Days 4CD box set (where's not described as anything special)? I love the longer ending, with the murderous laughter at the end.
  13. Well, one of the possibilities is the longer version was on the flipside of the 1987 Lips Like Sugar UK 12", but since there are no track timings on discogs, I can't be sure. That's where it began life, before getting an A-side release at the very end of 1987/start of 1988, and then the reissue in 1991.
  14. Not, it's not there either. Odd.
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  15. Wikipedia's entry for the Crystal Days set does at least credit it as "Full Length Version". No other info, though.
  16. I saw that, but it's not in the actual box set notes. It actually lists it as being from the single and then provides the cat. no for the 7"! I saw it's since been used on compilations. I guess in the future, that'll be THE version available.
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  17. Did you see the bit on the Lost Boys soundtrack entry, about there being a different version again in the actual film? It says something about the soundtrack version being abbreviated and the film mix having a different arrangement.
  18. 80s


    According to it originates from the Lips Like Sugar 12 inch.
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  19. Hurrah! I did think that was the most likely source, but couldn't find timings for that release.
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  20. What tracks are you after from this promo - i have it.
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