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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Happy to help, I see a poster on 45cat has mentioned a few in 1969 and 1970 that I didn't know about.
    But I wasn't buying 45s between 1968 and early 1971, so little personal experience on those.
  2. Very surprised to see the Jimi Hendrix hit from 68 in stereo. Looks like it was the best part of 12 months before there was another one!!
  3. Has what seems to be the unique "stereo playable mono" on the label too. Never seen that on a UK 45 label!!
  4. I'm just scouring a link on 45cat to UK number ones mono/stereo content

    Please note that Nilsson in 1972 was definitely mono, that listing is incorrect. Someone has pointed that out in the comments though. And despite other comments, I can verify My Ding A Ling was definitely mono and Son Of My Father stereo.
  5. and some more errors on 45cat

    You Won't Find Another Fool definitely mono (unless there were variant pressings, mine is mono)
    Always Yours defintely mono
    Love Me For A Reason definitely mono (and it's a different mix to the stereo to boot)

    Rock Your Baby might be worth further investigation, as I see it's stated that that is mono on the 45cat forum as well. News to me if it was.
  6. Can't make my mind up on Rock Your Baby. It might just be a very narrow stereo, I'm not convinced it's dead set mono??

  7. Paul, one I must correct from my 73 list. I've checked my own 45 of Skweeze Me Pleeze Me, and like Cum On Feel The Noize before it, it is indeed mono. Never on CD in its 45 edit either I don't think.
  8. Thanks stecov
  9. Found my Edwin Hawkins 45, and as I remembered, it is indeed stereo.
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  10. Good stuff!
  11. Can anyone confirm the length of the UK 7" of The Real Roxanne And Hitman Howie Tee "Bang Zoom (Let's Go Go)" as the label states 3:49. The version on NOW 7 is about 4:02, is this the single version or an edit of the 12" version?
  12. The 45 length is actually 4.11. Not on any CD that I know of either.
  13. Get Back by The Beatles with Billy Preston ... mono or stereo?
  14. UK 45 was mono. It was stereo in the US, but not here. Ballad Of John & Yoko was the first stereo Beatles 45 in the UK.
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  15. Thanks stecov!
  16. "Honky Tonk Women" by The Rolling Stones was in stereo in the US, was it in mono in the UK?
  17. I have 4:18 ripped from this compilation;

    The album/12" version is 5:55, so I've always thought 4:18 was the correct 7" version. Without the Looney Toons sample at the end, it's about 4:04.
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  18. I have come to the conclusion that the version on NOW 7 is a unique edit of the album/12" version.

    The NOW version is 4:01 long, has the part about "Howie T keeps a 9 by his side" at 0:47, also has "it ain't the lovebug that done bit ya" at 2:40 and includes about 13 seconds of "the rabbit kicked the bucket" at the end.

    I compared it to a video on YouTube of a 4:11 'single' version and it seems to have different parts edited out as there were no mentions of Howie T's 9 or love bugs, instead it included the "little mosquito" at 2:33 and Howie T's scratch solo at 3:12 and ended with about 14 seconds of rabbit kicked the bucket.
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  19. As far as I know, the original 69 hit single was mono only. I doubt any stereo copies exist from that year. Decca was slow to embrace stereo for their singles, but I see on 45cat there's a suggestion later pressings may have the a-side in stereo, but I'm not sure how you could prove when they were pressed.

    Decca kept most of their big 60's hit 45s in print well into the 70s, so this 45 was probably in print until at least the reissue in 76. It could have been repressed at any point in that time scale.
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  20. Just found out La Toya's 7" version for If You Feel The Funk has been released on iTunes... Finally! (along with a slew of other 7" versions by her)
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