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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Yes, stecov. It's unbelievable! I have the correct version on CD, but it is shortened to 3.07. It's on this great Dutch compilation, released in 1995.
  2. Does anybody know the correct playing time of the UK radio edit of "21 Seconds" by So Solid Crew? The 'Europe' CD single on Discogs runs 3:54 but there are versions on Now 50, Kiss Hit List 2000 and Pepsi Chart 2002 that run 2:43. I can't find anything on Discogs that supports the 2:43 length?
  3. Feel free to join in Steve
  4. Ha Ha!! All I can add for you is that several CD singles are listed on, though that site never states the origin of release, so they could be from anywhere. However, none of them has a version shorter than your quoted 3.54 and one is listed as a promo. I would have thought that would have been the best bet if there was a shorter version for radio?
  5. I bought the UK CD-single at the time, but can't seem to find it in my collection right now.

  6. If its RELENT16CD the running times on that are 5.05, 4.54, 4.54 i checked mine just.
  7. You. Bought. So. Solid. Crew?

    Mind blown.
  8. Ha, I did but actually not that was the one which sampled the Knight Rider theme (a childhood fave). It was in the reduced bin in Zaavi or Virgin.
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  9. In the middle of creating an expanded Genesis anthology (bear with me)....since I last attempted this, I've got the EU edition of Three Sides Live on CD, which includes half a dozen extra tracks on the second disc. The 3x3 EP is featured in full, but the version/mix of Paperlate is several seconds shorter....3.12 vs 3.23, approx. - anyone know what this shorter mix is from, or why it differs from the EP length and the mix included on Genesis compilations like The Platinum Collection?
  10. Any *NSYNC fans online? "Girlfriend" by *NSYNC, was the hit (radio) version "The Neptunes Remix" featuring Nelly?
  11. Long shot but does anyone have Princess Dressed To Kill? From what I can tell, it’s a US only flexidisc single!!!
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  12. I've longed to hear this (and whatever else of the third album remains unreleased). In the meantime someone should crack on with the long overdue deluxe edition of her second album.
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  13. This album has really grown on me. I bought two CD editions for the different bonus tracks.

    Sadly, Lover Don't Go hasn't ever even been on CD, aside from a ghastly Japan CD which was a vinyl rip, back in 1990! Bad one too.
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  14. In the U.S., yes.
  15. Thanks for your help but I was referring to the UK charts.
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  16. Yes it was the hit version in the UK as well.
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  17. Thank you young man
  18. Does anybody know if the hit version of Steps "You'll Be Sorry" was "The Pardon Mix" which runs approx 3:38?
  19. Yes
  20. Thanks Anjoel40
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