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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. "Oi!" by Platinum 45 featuring More Fire Crew appears on a couple of compilations including "Now 51" which runs the commercial length of 4:32. I am looking for the CDR radio edit which runs 3:20, this CDR is featured on Discogs but isn't available at this time. Can anybody suggest where else I might find this rare disc?
  2. Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can get the 4.10 single mix of Whitney Houston's 'How Will I Know' on CD? I've searched Discogs but can't find it on any compilations of the time. (Different instrumentation to the version available on her Greatest Hits and all subsequent CDs).
  3. I have never found it on CD. Some 7'' Singles had the album mix 4:28 despite listing it as 4:10.
  4. You mean there were 2 different UK 45 versions pressed whilst the song was on the UK charts? Just wondering if I should have 2 timings logged and 2 different versions for my chart collection!
  5. Has anybody heard the radio (clean) version of The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up"? I just bought a copy off iTunes claiming it to be the radio edit and it's exactly the same as the uncensored version.
  6. Ive ordered a flexidisc so will post a clip if it makes it through a transfer.
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  7. The edit version i have runs for 4:47, the other non edit versions i have all run at least 5:43+
  8. I know it's been discussed here years ago but I can't find a definitive answer - can someone tell me what CD(s) the UK single mix of ABC's 'How To Be A Millionaire' appears on? Thanks!
  9. Oh yes please - that would be awesome!
  10. Thanks for that imcal. I also have the edit and the full length version. What I really want to know is info about the 'radio version'. Has the word 'bitch' been removed from the title?
  11. I remember my local station playing smack my bitch up - with the word bitch still being played, but they called it that was by the Prodigy and Smack.
  12. This has probably been asked on here a million times (I did a quick search but couldn't find anything) - I don't particularly need it but where on CD is the single edit of 'Vogue' by Madonna, the one with a much shorter intro with the "whoo whoo whoo!" sample? That was the version played on the radio at the time of its release, but it's always the extended version which features on her albums - and which even gets occasionally played on radio today, as though the single edit never even existed. Some years ago I bought the 'Vogue' CD single hoping it was the single edit but I think that too is the extended version. I do have the edit on 7".
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  13. It's on the US CD Maxi :

    You can get it quite cheap on Discogs/ebay etc.

    It is also on the Japan 3'' CD Single boxset.
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    This is a poor recording of Princess Dressed To Kill from the US flexi, with my phone. Sorry, at this point wasn’t risking a proper recording using my very expensive turntable and stylus, but may chance it later if I can REALLY clean it up. A few sticks, sorry, its basically knackered. @manloveuk
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  16. Wow! Well that's ended very many years of wondering for me. Another valuable little insight on what the follow up to All For Love would have sounded like. I'd say it's not quite single material but it is prime for remixes and with that voice she could read the instructions on descaling a kettle and I'd love it! (I do indeed love this). I'm guessing the lyrics came on the back of a night out watching the latest Bond film, haha! Thank you so much for sharing!
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  17. Is there a difference between the single mix of Paul Young's "Tomb Of Memories", the LP version and the video version? On the sleeve of "Tomb Of Memories" in the new CBS singles box set is stated "Single mix". Is that correct? I hear no difference with the LP and video version.
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  18. It's frustrating that all those Madonna single edits / mixes have been replaced with the original album versions on radio, BBC radio 2 basically plays the Immaculate Collection versions for anything from that collection.
    I was quite surprised to hear Heat Radio using the 7" Edit of Vogue last week, it's usually the album version as you said.
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