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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Not sure....Paul SDE Sinclair wouldn't be drawn on the subject, but it's something I'm keen to find out when I get the chance to check out the Singles Box!
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  3. Of course we have to be honest: not all of Madonna's single versions are available on CD or in a digital format. To name a few: "Lucky Star", "Open Your Heart". That's sad to see too, AshtrayHeart.
  4. Yes this is a shame really. The album versions are fine and there weren’t really any improvements in the 7” versions (except Like A Prayer and Express Yourself having louder bass).
  5. Not sure where to put this, but have a question about Jewel's ''Who Will Save Your Soul''. I have the ''Pieces Of You'' & her ''Greatest Hits'' and both have the same version of said track. The section about the song on Wiki says ''The original version of "Who Will Save Your Soul" was never released on Pieces Of You: during the process of picking songs, it was decided that it would be re-recorded. The radio version is missing a verse and samples more of a pop/folk sound than the folk acoustic sound the album primarily consists of.'' Was this other version actually released & do any of you know where it can found? Thanks, loves!
  6. The individual card sleeve for Tomb Of Memories in the new box set tags it the "single mix", but unfortunately it's the same old LP version. The mix differences are fairly subtle (most noticeably how the percussion sounds), but nonetheless, it's different. Easy way to tell, the opening few seconds sound dead-set mono on the LP version, there's at least some stereo separation on the 45 mix.
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  7. Open Your Heart 45 was the LP version. Unless you're referring to a remix?

  8. This > Album version. Can't believe THIS has never been on a CD or released digitally. Why does Babs snub this?! It's amazing...
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  9. In my view Its criminal when a track isnt available on cd or digital i can understand cd because of the cost of producing stuff that may not sell but digital - surely a cheaper option for record labels.
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  10. In the UK & Europe the 7'' was the 'Remix' or 'Edit Of The Extended Version' as it was known in the US. The same with 'True Blue', it was edit of the 12'' for the UK & Europe 7''. 'La Isla Bonita' was a 7'' Remix everywhere.
  11. Ouch. No wonder SDE stayed silent.
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  12. My thoughts exactly.
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  13. I have just found the cd single in my collection, but this only has a 4:33 version, a 4:35 version, 4:38 instrumental any use?
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  14. Thanks for looking imcal. I bought the promo CD single from which included the 3:20 radio edit.
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  15. I'm sure I've got multiple copies/versions of this in my collection somewhere, but...

    Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - there's a 4-minute edit on Pure Groove (probably the first place I ever found it on CD years ago) but it's a wretched vinyl rip - just played it on headphones for the first time...ugh.

    Discogs lists almost 500 appearances of the track across various compilations, so does anyone know which aren't vinyl rips, and which are the edits?
  16. Only info I can offer up on this one is the correct play time of the UK 45 is 4.04,
    I've never found a CD copy (whatever the length may be) which isn't a vinyl rip. All have issues.
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  17. Thanks @stecov - I've found at least 5 copies of it in my collection, all differing lengths. The shortest edit, about 4.08, is a terrible vinyl rip from Pure Groove. I've edited down one of the others from a 80s Groove mix CD, as the sound quality's marginally better, but it's neither the proper edit nor the full 12" mix, of which I have found 3...I'll be listening through those later anyway....strange how it's so hard to find in CD quality....maybe the masters don't exist anymore.
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  18. Despite a label time of 5.02, my 45 of Stan Ridgway's "Camouflage" is actually 5.26.
    Does anyone know if a version of this length exists on CD?
  19. Only place I can find a 5:29 version is on this CD from 1988

    The version on NOW 7 is 5.02
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  20. There is a 5 01 version of Camouflage on 100 Hits 80s Classics as well.
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