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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. I'll be getting my CP deluxe down off the shelf then!
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  3. That’s the original NOW 11 not the one that came out today
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  4. Thanks for that Deborah, most helpful! So I'm OK with Samantha Fox as I have the Greatest Hits CD.
    But definitely need to order the Cherry Pop version of Jermaine Stewart.
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  5. Here's another poser from 88. Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent D'Arby.
    Nothing on the label, but the sleeve says it's a "special version" from the LP.

    Can anyone verify it's different, and where the correct 45 version is available on CD please?
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  7. Does anyone know of any CDs which contain the single version of Paul Young's Why Does a Man have to Be Strong? I've got the weaker album version on Between Two Fires but it appears the single version with re-recorded vocals as seen on the video isn't on any of his Best Ofs or Greatest Hits. I know it missed the top 40, but it's a great song (the best from that album IMO) and I don't know why it's never included on any compilations!
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  8. I think it may only be on the (limited edition) Singles Box that came out a year or two back. Disc 11 of that set is dedicated to the Why Does.. single, and it's on there.
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  9. Oh yes. I've just had a look on eBay and at £75 for a used example - £140 sealed - I won't be acquiring that any time soon! I did however find a smaller 4 disc set called Tomb of Memories - The CBS Years 1982-1984 which has a version of the song called "Alternative Mix" which appears to be the single version. At more like £20 this might be worth me investing in as it includes other tracks I'm missing.
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  10. Oh yes, if the CBS Years is still available at sensible prices, then definitely get that. Excellent set.
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  11. Sent you a message.
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  12. 80s


    Just wondering has the 3:35 single edit of The Gibson Brothers Better Do It Salsa ever appeared on cd.
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  13. It's another one not on CD as far as I know. Nobody seems to know any different at the moment?
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  14. 80s


    Thanks again.There seems to be a lot of Disco songs from the late 70s early 80s that are not on cd in single edits form.A few examples would be the following.
    Sine Just Let Me Do My Thing
    Amii Stewart Light My Fire
    Lowell Mellow Mellow Right On
    Liquid Gold The Night The Wine And The Roses
  15. Do you mean the 79 or 85 remix of Amii Stewart?

    In 79, the UK 45 version of Knock On Wood is harder to find on CD.
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    As far as I know Light My Fire 1979 is not on cd.What is the U.K. length of Knock On Wood 1979 Stecov.
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  17. The UK 45 of Knock On Wood is 3.48. But it's also a different version to the US 45 and as such not on many CDs I don't think.

    I have her 1979 hits on 2 Readers Digest 3CD box sets

    Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood (RD Sounds Of The Seventies 1979)

    Amii Stewart - Light My Fire/137 Disco Heaven (RD Top 10 Hits Of The 70s)

    Soul Years 1979 also looks OK for Light My Fire?
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  18. 80s


    Thanks Stecov. I never knew Light My Fire 1979 was on cd.Will search for those cds now.
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  19. 80s


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