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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Thanks Deborah.It's crazy to think the single edit of one of the biggest songs of the 80's is not widely available on cd.
  3. Up to a point. It may be down to why it was quickly replaced with the more common 5.11 version.
    Perhaps the band weren't happy with it for some reason??
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    Yes you could be right about that. They never liked the single version of My Own Way. They never play it live or use it on there Own compilations.
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  5. It's very annoying though when artists try to rewrite history....

    It may explain why it wasn't on the deluxe CD of the album?
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    Yes O.M.D. we're guilty of that with a different album version of Tesla Girls on the deluxe cd of Junk Culture.
  7. I think the album version of My Own Way is a big improvement. Still should be included more though.
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  8. Does anyone know whether the original single mix of M/A/R/R/S Pump Up The Volume (with Roadblock sample) is available on CD anywhere?
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  9. In 35 years I had never noticed that sample was missing from the versions I have on CD!

    I know that track so well I had to dig my out my old cassette recording of the chart from October 1987 to prove to myself I didn't imagine the Roadblock sample. It was there in the 7" version played on the radio.

    I have checked my LP of NOW 10 and the sample is omitted from that version. It is not on the Telstar Greatest Hits Of 1987 CD. I will have to check all my other CDs now.
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  10. I guess it's unlikely to be anywhere on CD, as SAW would have put the block in too fast for anything other than the early 7" and 12" copies.

    Maybe the OST of Bright Lights Big City? But probably not.
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  11. I think Bright Lights Big City would be the US version with even more samples missing.
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  12. Irony, as that team stole wholesale parts of others’ songs if they liked the riff.
  13. Oh oh I'm trapped.... (ahem).
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    Does any know the correct U.K. single length of Mick Jackson Weekend.
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  16. Yes I bought it purely for that track.
  17. The correct length of the actual 45 is 3:32. All CDs with the 45 version seem to dump the song several seconds too soon. I can't remember now if it's an actual edit of the LP version, or just an early fade.
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    Thanks Stevov.I have a 3:27 version on 100 Hits Disco Classics which would be the closest single mix on cd.
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  19. Perhaps it's not been helped by the fact the UK 45 of Africa by Toto has no time on the label, but most releases with the single version match the US 45 (4:19 with the start of the LP intro missing).

    The UK 45 is 3:54 and has the full LP intro. I've discovered I have just 1 CD with this UK 45 version on. 25 Years Of Rock N Roll 1983 on the Connoisseur label.
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