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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. About which song you are talking, stecov?
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  2. Whoops! I was talking about Africa by Toto. It's my age....
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  3. 80s


    Just wondering what version of Climie Fisher Rise To The Occasion was the U.K. hit.
    Was it the Hip Hop mix or the 4:47 version.
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  4. In Ireland, the radio used play the regular version more (certainly during the day) but when I went to my local disco, I'd hear the Hip Hop Mix.

    When Love Changes Everything eventually became a hit (at the second attempt), people at the same disco would sing it in the gents toilets during the slow set.
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  5. Radio 1 played the Hip Hop version on the Top 40 rundowns.
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    Thanks Eric and Nlgbbbblth.So it seems the Two versions were the hits versions but the Hip Hop version got more airplay.
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  7. TOTP also used the hip-hop version (cue hilarious miming to samples).
  8. I think there were three 7"singles of Rise To The Occasion released in the UK
    Cat No EM33 - I assume was the original version but doesn't give a time
    Cat No EMX33 - which is labelled the Hip Hop Mix
    Cat No EMS33 - with both the Hip Hop Mix and an edit of the original ballad version (4:22)
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    Thanks Deborah.That edit of the Ballad version does not seem to be on cd.
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  10. Looking at the 3 different 45 versions Deborah refers to on Discogs, there are far more copies of EMX for sale, which only contains the Hip Hop Mix.

    Only 7 of the original version, and 20 of the 3 track maxi single. 149 copies of the Hip Hop mix version for sale. Along with Eric's recollections, it tells its own story I would think??!!
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  11. As faint recollection from my CF fan club days, ballad was first released to radio (though that version also had been on love changes mk1 released Aug ‘87 cdem15), about a week later Mr Max Hardfilling did his yukem thing and lo a hit was born. My recollection of radio play on south coast/radio 1 was 90,10 to Hip Hop Mix over Ballad. EMS33 came out quite late in the campaign.
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  12. All of which seems to confirm EMX 33 is the hit then, with the Hip Hop Remix being the one that caught the record buyer's attention?
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  13. Yes from me.
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    Thanks Everyone.Just purchased a cd with the Hip Hop remix on it.
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  15. I just KNOW you're gonna dig this.
  16. Yukem, yukem.

    those TOTP miming performances were ridiculous and I loved CF.
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  17. Was the Hip Hop Mix included on the recent 2022 version of NOW 11?
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  18. Yes
  19. 80s


    Just wondering is there any mix differences between the 5:07 single version and Album version of Wham's Everything She Wants.
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  20. Talking about WHAM! Does the Unsocial Mix of "WHAM! Rap" exist on CD?
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