All Important Single Edits On CD

Just wondering what version of Climie Fisher Rise To The Occasion was the U.K. hit.
Was it the Hip Hop mix or the 4:47 version.

In Ireland, the radio used play the regular version more (certainly during the day) but when I went to my local disco, I'd hear the Hip Hop Mix.

When Love Changes Everything eventually became a hit (at the second attempt), people at the same disco would sing it in the gents toilets during the slow set.
I think there were three 7"singles of Rise To The Occasion released in the UK
Cat No EM33 - I assume was the original version but doesn't give a time
Cat No EMX33 - which is labelled the Hip Hop Mix
Cat No EMS33 - with both the Hip Hop Mix and an edit of the original ballad version (4:22)
Thanks Deborah.That edit of the Ballad version does not seem to be on cd.
Looking at the 3 different 45 versions Deborah refers to on Discogs, there are far more copies of EMX for sale, which only contains the Hip Hop Mix.

Only 7 of the original version, and 20 of the 3 track maxi single. 149 copies of the Hip Hop mix version for sale. Along with Eric's recollections, it tells its own story I would think??!!
As faint recollection from my CF fan club days, ballad was first released to radio (though that version also had been on love changes mk1 released Aug ‘87 cdem15), about a week later Mr Max Hardfilling did his yukem thing and lo a hit was born. My recollection of radio play on south coast/radio 1 was 90,10 to Hip Hop Mix over Ballad. EMS33 came out quite late in the campaign.
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