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All Important Single Edits On CD

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. I’ll dig them all out and compare them to Dare, thanks!
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  2. The UK 7" vinyl of Sound is definitely 3:55 in length. I believe it's on the old 80s and 90s greatest hits releases. 4:05 would suggest the album mix, though I can't confirm as I don't own any of these compilations.
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  3. Well it wasn’t difficult back in the day.... I believe it’s on 1988 Greatest Hits from listening, all other comps seem to be LP version. It’s 3,58 and Phil comes in earlier. Cheers all!
  4. Dunno where else to ask this so apologies for crashing this thread. I need to pick the brains of the type of Popjustice Massive who lurk on this thread because I know they'll be able to answer these queries.

    I'm putting together a 1997 countdown show for my Mixcloud page and need to know which versions to include of the following:

    Sash! - Encore Une Fois - Wikipedia says something about the CD single being pressed with the first two tracks switched accidentally so the Blunt Radio Edit becoming the main version in the UK? Which one is it?
    Please post a Spotify link if you can because Christ knows whether the files in my library are labelled correctly.

    Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing - Which version got played on UK radio when this was reissued around The Full Monty campaign? The CD single has the original as Track 1 but NOW featured the Ben Leibrand remix from the eighties. I'm guessing it's the original.

    Thanks in advance!
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  5. 1. Original Edit

    2. Future Breeze Edit

    These were switched round on the European single, so the Future Breeze mix "accidentally" became more popular.

    Whereas in the UK we got this alternative version of the Future Breeze mix called the Blunt Edit:

    And You Sexy Thing - it was the original version, but the 80s remix was featured on compilations, presumably because they didn't want to licence the original out.
  6. Awesome - cheers!
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  7. I've never heard the Orginal Edit before! ^
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  8. 80s


    Does anyone know if these songs have appeared in correct single edit form on cd.
    Scritti Politti Absolute 3:52
    Young And Company I like (What You're Doing To Me) 3:47
    There are Two CDs matching the length for the Young And Company song but they are the wrong mix.
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  9. I wish I did as you have always helped me, I assumed it was on Absolute, the GH, but that and every Discogs timing is 4.25, long lost seven inch then.
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  10. 80s


    Yeah your right I can't see it anywhere also. I thought it might have popped up on some obscure cd somewhere. Another single edit not on cd to add to the list.
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  11. Same here! Absolute (the GH) does have a few 7" edits, and I'd also assumed that was one of them, but alas no.
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  12. Same answer from me as well. Neither of those songs have appeared on CD as far as I know in their correct 45 versions. I have the edited version of Absolute using a CD source, but Young And Company is vinyl only.
    It's not possible to edit the long version to match the 45, parts are unique.
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  13. 80s


    I bought Two cds matching the lenght for the Young and Company song but they were the wrong mixes.Another One Hit Wonder not on cd in single edit form.
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  14. QUESTION: When Madonna's Holiday was re-issued in 1991 to promote "The Immaculate Collection" - was the single the original version of the remix from the Immaculate Collection?
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  15. It was the original 7'' that was promoted for the single.
  16. Pretty sure the CD single had the original album version.
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  17. 80s


    Does anyone know if the hit 1986 3:47 version of the Psychedelic Furs Pretty In Pink has appeared on cd.
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  18. Not sure if a 3.47 actually exists. The 7" labels with timings on says 4.01. The version included on the cassette/CD of Midnight To Midnight is 4.13, and then the OST version is 4.40!
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  19. 80s


    Thanks Eric. So the 3:47 timing could be wrong.
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