All Important Single Edits On CD

I’ve read the Single Version of Sound Of The Crowd by ver (Human) League is rarely found. Could the experts consult their databases please and indicate where it could be found please? Thanks!
Isn’t it on this?

I know I read a review that claimed it was so I bought the track off iTunes and it definitely is different to the album mix that’s on everything else. I love the song but I really prefer this original single version and it’s a shame their recent boxset didn’t include it. (This is the one included in the 2011 Essential).

NOTE: There is a 2020 3-disc version with the same name but a pic of them older and it’s got the album mix so it’s only the 1-disc 2011 edition of Essential that has this mix.
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I'm sure this will have been covered at least once already in this thread, but to those of you in the know, where might one find the 7'' version of Taffy's I Love My Radio* that graced the UK charts in early '87?

(* Non-potato quality)

Gracias in advance!
Here is a few single edits on cd I have discovered recently.

Tears For Fears Pale Shelter (4:09) (Thanks to Stecov)

Japan I Second That Emotion (3:57)

Grandmaster Melle Mel Step Off (3:30)

Trevor Walters Love Me Tonight (3:34)
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Can anyone point to me on YouTube the single edit of the 1990 remix of Break 4 Love by Raze that would have been played on the Radio 1 charts? There are so many mixes of this track of varying lengths available on YouTube and I don't know which it would be!
Well, that's rather different! It's almost like a completely different song, with just a few hints of the original. I guess that reflects in the new title, "All 4 Love (Break 4 Love 1990)". I must have heard this at the time but I've since heard the original so many times that this one has been wiped from my memory.