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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Is All Saints' 'Saints & Sinners' worth buying?

    I'm thinking about it but I need opinions. I clearly cannot judge for myself, therefore needing PopJustice readers to judge for me.

    Thank you.
  2. I got 'All Saints' for about £1.30 from Blockbusters yesterday and don't like it all. It's in the bin actually.
    'Saints and Sinners' is supposed to be superior to their debut though.
  3. I really liked Saints & Sinners when I got it. (The first day of release actually, in a nice glossy digipack) I listened to it a hell of a lot back in those days, and though I haven't heard it much in the last few years - it's on my list of albums to revisit - I still recall some gems on there "Pure Shores", obviously, "I Feel You" "Dreams". If you like any of the All Saints sound, you should be able to find it fairly cheaply these days, and probably wouldn't spend enough money on it to be a waste of time.

    And prettyonpaper - surely you could find someone to give the other CD too, rather than waste it entirely. Christ, use it as a coaster if you must, but no music should ever be summarily binned. Apart from the Darkness.
  4. It's in rubbish condition - the front's fallen off. It's not worth the money I bought for it, surely.
    If a CD's scratched to bits then it's only good for the bin.
  5. pdf


    Depends if you can get it cheap enough.   I always play the first 4/5 tracks - Pure Shores, All Hooked Up, Distance, Dreams and Black Coffee (hmm, some of those names may not be correct) - then it gets taken off, but really, only Black Coffee and Pure Shores are essential (and truly, they are still remarkable). 

    If you've got those tracks or can them them on their own, you're made.

    PS Shaznay's solo album is tremendous!  Listen to that and you know where the inspiration for the new single came from, not from skanky Ms Allen.
  6. I got the flimsy but sparkly digi-pack version last year in Scope for £1.50. I listened to it a few months ago and really liked it but wasn't so keen on it when I relistened to it recently. I liked the William Orbit tracks but not so much the rest.
  7. It hasn't aged very well - I recently said that it could have made a great EP if they cut some of the songs off it.  BUT I do love Shaznay's solo album.  Really, it's good.  You is utterly gorgeous.
  8. It's a bit patchy. The first album was great at the time, but does sound quite dated in places now. 2nd album has some great moments - the three singles, dreams,I Feel You are all ace, and I've developed a fondness for 'Whooping Over You' as well. Oh, and Ready, Willing & Able is quite nice too. Oh, and Distance!
  9. If you can find it cheap enough, it's worth buying. My personal favourites (apart from the singles) are Distance, Dreams, Love Is Love, Whoopin' Over You and for sheer comedy value, One More Tequila (you haven't lived until you've heard Nicole Appleton 'singing' the line 'after una tequila y dos margaritas' like the least Spanish person alive). There's one or two fillers, and the fourth William Orbit track Surrender is godawful, but it's worth it on the whole...
  10. you will find it for the princely sum of £0.01 on amazon...
    i paid the same for the spice girls' 'forever'....well worth it!
  11. Ah, with it. I envisioned you just hating the music and flinging the whole thing away forthwith. It could still work as a coaster though. My first copy of Aimee Mann's amazing "I'm With Stupid" album was unplayable after track nine due to a large scratch but it still does a damn fine job holding my coffee mug each day.
  12. It's amazing how much more I appreciate albums paying only 1p (before postage & packaging).  Go for it Prez - I rather liked the title track if I remember right.  And the track Melanie's then-husband or then-fiance produced or something like that.

    "Why's this fool all up in my ass / Doesn't he know I want class, not trash?"

    Yes All Saints and Girls Aloud are worlds apart.
  13. Thanks for your replies! I'm going to buy it off Amazon for $3.65. I also just bought the Appleton album, Everything's Eventual. Now, THAT is one hell of an album!
  14. Emphasis on the word hell.
  15. for some reason i never "got" the later stuff, barring pure shores of course.
  17. Parlophone and All Saints part ways
    06 March 2007 - 10:42:57

    After much speculation, Parlophone has confirmed today that All Saints are no longer part of label’s roster.

    The Nettwerk-managed group, who reformed in November, enjoyed Top 10 success with their comeback single Rock Steady. However, the momentum was not enough to drive album interest, with the associated set Studio 1, only managing a lowly debut at 40.

    A second single, Chick Fit, also failed to perform, failing to crack to top 200 last week.

    In Parlophone’s official statement the label said, “Parlophone Records and All Saints have made the mutual decision to part company. Both the label and the group are proud of the album Studio 1. All Saints are excited about moving forward with their career and Parlophone wishes them the best of luck.â€￾

    In their heyday All Saints notched up eight top 10 hits in the UK including the soundtrack anthem, Pure Shores from The Beach.

    Credit: Music Week

    They may say it was mutual, but it seems very much as though they've been dropped. Miraculous comebacks may work for some, but not for others.
  18. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    I'm hoping they continue, success or not. A lot of people on these forums are not fans of All Saints, I realise that, but 'Studio 1' was great so good luck to the ladies.
  19. Studio 1 was great?????????
    Probably one of the worse albums. Look at Take That….You simply have to deliver good songs and not rely on past glory….Be warned all bands re-forming….Get good music or follow the All Saints route..
  20. Er, not the best analogy. Studio 1 was woeful, yes, but Take That's new album is pretty dire too, singles excepted. Take That's success is exactly for the reason you dismiss. With Take That, there was a certain air of nostalgia about their return; it had been heralded by a TV docu, greatest hits tour and they still had a massive fanbase.

    There was no demand for an All Saints return and that, along with a dreadful public image, the fact they're women and, as you say, sub-standard material, is why they failed.
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