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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah I got both a version with Let's Get Started and one with If You Wanna Party..
    Guess I got the oririnal and rerelease then.
  2. "Lady Marmalade" has three distinct album mixes: 4:16, 4:01, 3:53.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I have the 4:01 and 4:16 mixes.. Does the 3:53 have a name? Was it the single edit?
    Curious about that one right now
  4. The 4:01 is the single version. The 3:53 wasn't given a mix name. It has cheap sounding keyboard "horns."

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  5. I have too many copies of that album.
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  6. Bought a Black Coffee CD single in the only charity shop in my home village today. I love the cover art!
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  7. Saints and Sinners turned 20 today!

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  8. One of my favourite album covers ever.
  9. Very classy. I actually like the font from that era!
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  10. As much As I liked the album I hated and still hate how lazy was Orbit! It's like he just remixed songs from ray of light's Madonna! Same sound
  11. Yeah but they and the label would have gone to him to get that sound. Everyone wanted that bleepy chill sound after Ray of light.
  12. Love the Saints And Sinners artwork. If only the whole album lived up to the strength of what it and the singles promised. I'm still scarred by the way the quality drops off a cliff about halfway through, basically after Whoopin' Over You ends. Such a sting when you shelled out serious pocket money on buying the full priced CD back in the day.

    But I got even back then that it was always going to be difficult to maintain the standard of the likes of Pure Shores, Black Coffee and Dreams over the course of a full album. And to be honest the good songs were SO good that it was still worth buying.
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  13. Pure Shores and Black Coffee? We aren't worthy.
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  14. There's an amazing EP lurking somewhere in Saints And Singers (what I mistakenly thought the album was called for years).
  15. I unironically stan Whoopin' Over You
  16. I want a Saints & Sinners vinyl for the cover alone.
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  17. and Dreams
  18. I Love Black Coffee, both the album version and the Version 2.
    I've always wondered wich songs/b-sides we missed from that era.
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  19. I love these girls! So much talent!

    I hope we have more albums to look forward to.
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  20. These posts got me listening to Dreams and Distance again after a long time. SO good.
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