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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. I really want to read Nicole and Natalie's book Together from 2002. Anyone here who got in e-book form?
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  2. I wish had to get my copy off ebay several years back.

    I really must revisit that again aswell, probably the most intense popstar memoir I've ever read. Makes me soooo want to hear the story from Shaznay's perspective though the chances of that are zero.
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  3. I’ve got a hard copy of it and remember really enjoying it but feeling very shocked. I’m not sure what exactly was the truth and what was embellished - but I guess it doesn’t matter now because the girls love each other and are thriving.
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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The girls basically wish the book never happened anyways. It’s all water under the bridge.
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  6. Saints & Sinners is my most played Saints album, and while there are a few songs I don't really use outside of full-album plays, it is such a great listen. I love Distance, Whoopin', Ready Willing and Able, Ha Ha and the title track nearly as much as those bulletproof singles.
  7. Shaznay got interviewed by the songwriter Michelle Escoferry. It is a lovely reading.
  8. I'm pleased Shaznay herself recognises the flaws in Saints And Sinners. I mentioned it earlier but the gulf in quality between the first and second half is pretty difficult to ignore. But good on her for being honest and owning it, and like she says the record does still house a bunch of great songs - career bests, in fact.
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I love it when they mention Simone (RIP).

    Speaking of Saints & Sinners:
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  10. Yeah I remember getting the second album and being shocked at how they basically went “ok we have two smashes, grab your demos we are releasing”.

    Great interview! Got me listening to Silver Shadow and other Atlantic Starr classics.
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  11. I still love the 2nd album. I can appreciate why others would not but I played that record non stop and love it as much to this day.

    Nice to read she is continuing writing, though I wonder if this is for All Saints or others? Hopefully the former.
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  12. Great interview. She's clearly reading this forum!
    Sounds like she's penning new tracks as we speak
  13. I mean I played Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Sonia albums non-stop back when I was 14 but I can also recognise now they are 'of their time' mostly mediocre albums.

    Anyway she just says they shouldn't have rushed it as much.
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  14. The 2nd album is fine. Maybe they could’ve trimmed the fat with some of the more lightweight tracks. I always thought maybe another couple of tracks with William Orbit would’ve made sense with the success of Pure Shores and Black Coffee. I would’ve “lost” Whoopin’ Over You and Ha Ha from the main album.

    Dreams, I Feel You, Distance and Surrender were the best tracks for me out with the singles.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Pure Shores
    Black Coffee
    Ready, Willing, and Able

    An EP!
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  16. I love All Hooked Up
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I love All Hooked Up AND Whoopin Over You! Maybe I'm the basic binch the album was made for?
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  18. A CD single!
  19. I don't think Shaz is saying the album is shit or that the basic bops are trash. What I got is that the second album was just okay when it should have been their magnum opus had they taken their time and not felt the pressure of outside factors re money and profit. I think she feels like they could have delivered a second album that was as good and maybe even better than the debut, because the talent was there.
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  20. Yeah, it's much better than an EP...

    I agree that a few more Orbit tracks (or Orbit-sounding tracks) could have given the whole thing more cohesiveness.

    I probably would've cut I Feel You and Ha Ha and just included One More Tequila and I Don't Wanna Be Alone as main album tracks.
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