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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. I suspect William Orbit tracks were costly straight after Ray Of Light. And I wouldn't put it past Madonna to not allow more dd.
  2. I find it a little odd Shaznay felt time pressure so much as there was a full 3 year gap between albums. Whilst I know the debut campaign did run some time, I always suspected there was either writers block or record company politics going on. From memory I recall both Distance and Ready, Willing & Able being debuted live waaaaaay before Pure Shores so maybe it wasn’t until Orbit came onboard the album was classed as ready to go?
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  3. The Shaz interview is so nice.
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  4. I loved the Shaznay interview and agree that the second album is underwhelming. It passed by me at the time although I had the debut, but I got it years later and have barely listened to it. Meanwhile the albums they've done since their 2006 reunion are all really strong.
  5. True but it was so lazy
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  6. Lazy yes but the result was fantastic thankfully.
  7. I prefer the second album to the first, always go back to it.
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  8. You're missing out then.
  9. Well Never Ever became a hit in America and that always derailed campaigns / careers back then.
  10. i actually bought it in 2002, not bad!

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    one of my favorite albums ever.
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  11. I need a new album.
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  12. I gave Studio 1 a few spins recently.

    Not a big fave of mine but I appreciated it more.

    On and On should've been single 2.
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  13. I love Scar.
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  14. Just had a look through my and this is one of my top played tracks of the last few years. It's weirdly soothing and frantic at the same time?

  15. I love "Scar" and "One Me & U", even if there were only two singles from Studio 1, they were really generous witt the b-sides.
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  16. 'Love Lasts Forever' and 'After All' are both amazing!

    I like the videos too...
  17. If 'After All' had been released in 2001/2, it would have been a massive number 1 and be the timeless classic it deserves! Still glad we got it when we did though.
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  18. I've just realized the three Appleton videos are on Youtube at last:

  19. Oh nice. Haven't actually watched those for years! What an album! Still don't think 'Everything Eventually' was the best single choice though...
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