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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Not to mention the single edit destroyed it.

    I think Hallelujah was the logical third single choice.
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  2. Agreed, followed by Supernaturally perhaps.
  3. Just revisited the album the other day, it really is a great little collection. A couple of lyrics are iffy, but the overall sound and vibe makes for an enjoyable listen. The three singles are my three favorite tracks actually, though I do love Ring-A-Ding and Waiting For Love.
  4. I'd love to know Natalie and Nicole's thoughts on Everything's Eventual as a body of work. It houses some of my favourite All Saints-related tracks. Hopefully it's not tarnished for them because it coincided with The Bible but I would understand if that was the case.

    Also which one of you had a lark on the Appleton wikipage?
    An All Saints biopic by the director of 30 Days of Night would be absolutely iconic.
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  5. Really love Waiting For your Love. It could easily have been an All Saints' track.
    The b sides were great too. This is a moody one:
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  6. YES! and they have like six b-sides ♥
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  7. We're talking about our favourite Appleton songs and no one's mentioned All Grown Up yet?

  8. This is one I've always found clunky lyrically. I love a good suggestive jam but this one always sounds so... basic? "There's no room for making noise, there's just room for us and toys".
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  9. Yeah I get that this line might be considered clunky if you're a lyrics person. I love the general vibe of the song, it also houses some of my favourite vocals from both sisters. Their harmonies at the end sound sooo good.
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  10. Listened to Open last night and listening to Everything's Eventual this morning. Both albums are so good. All Saints (and related acts) really don't have a single bad album. They're all at least 7/10. Shame we never got Melanie's solo album...
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  11. Yes! I adored this song and Blow Your Mind. Back then I was a pretty big Nicole Appleton fan and I think I just appreciated owning an album where she wasn't mostly talking.

    Didn't it get a pretty decent review in the press at the time?
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  12. Hallelujah was so epic, especially love Nicole's verse and the layered vocals "big shout to ya, hallelujah" ending with the gorgeous instrumental outro, pure bliss.
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  13. I know Q magazine at the time gave it a 4/5 review, which I recall being shocked at but equally very pleased.

    It's also my understanding that 'Blow My Mind' was in the running for lead single so it was funny how it ended up just being a bonus track.
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  14. Lyrics actually are:

    Hallelujah, they shout to ya, hallelujah
  15. Not released. But I also LOVE Shine. Now You're Gone, Who I Am, I'm Leaving... ALL great. I used to listen so much to this 'album' back in 2009...

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  16. I would love to hear Shine all over again, it's been long lost in the dark spaces of broken hard drives.
  17. I know right! I used to love listening to the 'album' but I lost all the songs when my hard drive didn't back up fully a few years back. Gutted.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Even though the whole "Appleton" moment was a drawn out publicity stunt (and low key iconic), Nic and Nat really should be proud of their album. It's definitely an underrated pop album from the 00s and I'd love it if they paid it a little more justice. They really had a lot of single choices.

    1. Fantasy
    2. Don't Worry
    3. Supernaturally
    4. Hallelujah/Waiting for Your Love
    5. Long Long Road
  19. I believe a lot of the 'Shine' tracks are on Mel's soundcloud. I loved this collection too but I wonder how different the major label songs are and how far along she got with that?
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