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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Did they promote I Know Where It’s At and Never Ever in the US? They did pretty good there. Just curious if there is any performances.
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  2. I know they did SNL in 98!
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  3. I’ll try look for it but it’s probably not online. Thanks
  4. Well Never Ever got a US video:

    I'm pretty sure they went out there to promote it. Not sure about any other songs though.
  5. Yeah I seen the video before. I prefer the UK version
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  6. What's with the LOUD sound effects?!
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Now I need to see this. I guess they only performed Never Ever.
  8. I still fucking love this nonsensical video. The army of All Saints clones is it.
  9. I prefer the UK video personally. I am not sure why these UK/Australian acts always feel the need to make an 'American video'. Most of the times they are meh, and the original video is superior.
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  10. I don't think it happens anymore, as music is accessible to everyone at the same time pretty much but back in the day, it could take a UK act a year or so before 'launching' in the US. I guess the idea was to have a more up to date video for that rather than something 6-12 months old. I also think there was this notion that America had to be treated differently, like no way could they have the UK's video they had to have their own or they weren't buying into it!
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  11. Sorry for the random post but I’ve heard this song a few times and it sounds very Natalie-esque. So for those who misses her beautiful tone, here’s something that reminds me of what a Natalie song would sound like.
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  12. I always figured it was down to the US label not liking the original video and so would commission one for our market tailored to “our” taste.

    To be frank, the US video does at least make you stop and try to comprehend exactly what (the fuck) is going on.
  13. Yeah the US video was random but i did like their best styling but don't like how dark it was,the original video actually matched the lyrics
  14. They are very busy this weekend:

  15. They look so good.
  16. Sounding amazing atm and love how the Ska sound comes through #studio1
  17. I was re-playing Studio 1 yesterday and really wanted more of this style from them.
  18. Studio 1 was a strange time for them, Rock Steady was a clear comeback hit but then Studio 1 flopped.

    Parlophone really should've rushed out another single for Xmas, On and On would've been best choice. When Chick Fit was finally released the album was gone and the single barely got any push.

    Such a badly handled era that started with such promise.
  19. The album is solid, maybe even one of my favourites from them right now. The promo appeared strong at first but then Parlophone appeared to lose interest after the initial hype died down. I agree that 'Chick Fit' was perhaps not the best choice to follow 'Rock Steady'. 'On and On' (which was the closest thing on the album that resembled their earlier hits with William Orbit) should have been pushed instead, maybe with Chick Fit coming out later in the campaign towards the summer months.

    I also think the album should have been delayed until they'd built slightly more momentum with their comeback. As a fan I was hugely excited to get the new material but looking at it from another perspective, they hadn't quite established who their fanbase was at that point or if the general public were ready to invest in a new album after hearing just one song. Releasing Studio 1 in Q1 of 2007 would have made a lot more sense.

    Rock Steady (Nov 2006)
    On and On (early Feb 2007)

    Studio 1 (mid Feb 2007)

    Flashback (April 2007)

    Mini tour

    Chick Fit (July 2007)
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