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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Any news?
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  2. YES there are news since Sep 30 and we've been keeping them from you.
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  3. I'm just an impatient brat.
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  4. No news. Expecting something first quarter of 2018 I'd say.
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  5. It's very quiet I think they're laying vocals, weird seemed everything was done spring this year, maybe they weren't happy with the results?
  6. They’re still working on it, I’d expect a single Q1. K-Gee says they’re ‘getting there’ with it.
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  7. Their tour was divine, can’t wait for this!
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  8. Info on the making of "Red Flag" in case anyone missed it in the other thread and more to come soon

  9. I wish they'd had a new album this year to quickly build on what was started with the comeback. I just worry that by the time the next one comes out they're going to have to go through the whole "All Saints are back" thing because people prob weren't aware of Red Flag as much as they should've been.
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  10. Still recording?

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  11. Spring next year I think we'll get this?
  12. If they're still recording and then there's usually several months of mixing... We might get the announcement and maybe, maybe a single in Spring, but I doubt an album.
  13. I hope it is FIRE
  14. I am so happy that they are still recording. Hope 2018 will be another great year for them! I love them
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  15. Maybe we'll get more than just 12 songs.
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  16. Here for a deluxe edition.
  17. 12 amazing songs will do me fine. Thank you.
  18. Same and I want more Nat lead songs.
  19. I think they got they proportion of vocals pretty much perfect on Red Flag.

    I'm in the minority though as I always want more Nicole vocals.
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