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All Saints - Message In A Bottle (New single with Sting)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. I agree. It should have followed Rock Steady as the second single (it’s that good).
  2. I found the night vision scenes and the girls fighting each other for screen time kinda iconic ddd
  3. Rock Steady is that bitch.

    How can you all pick a Holly Trinity?? I can’t its too hard and they have too many good songs!!
  4. I like the Pure Shores video.
    Same goes for the Chick Fit video however it's disheartening how much it screams "our record label gave up on us completely".
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  5. It's just somewhat jarring to have clips from The Beach mixed with clips of the girls walking down a beach somewhere in the UK in winter wearing thick coats. Not that it mattered, seeing as the song was good enough to sell itself without the need of a stunning video.
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  6. Studio 1 has aged really well in my opinion. I still bop to Rock Steady like it came out yesterday! Also Not Eazy is one of my absolute favourites of their discography.
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  7. It is a solid album but felt more like a follow up to Shaznay’s solo record.
  8. Rock Steady has never been my favourite but it's undeniably All Saints, and for that reason it was probably the best choice for the first single. Personally I would have gone with at least one more single before the album - and definitely something less divisive than Chick Fit - but to be honest if the label support wasn't there it probably wouldn't have made much difference, sadly.
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  9. I remember listening to Radio 1 the week Studio 1 was released and hearing them say it came in at #40 and being so confused. I still don’t understand how? “Rock Steady” was a sizeable hit, and it seemed (from what I could tell over here in Canada) that there was pretty big media attention to their reunion. The fact that it did so poorly just makes the fact that we have Red Flag and Testament that much sweeter.
  10. I was confused at the time too but I think it was just too soon to put the album out, as @claire_louise said. They had been away for a while and were under a new label (who I don’t really think knew what to do with them to be honest) and really needed to build up some proper momentum before an album.

    Rock Steady going in at no.3 was great and they did have some good press but really needed a second single to get people fully onboard before purchasing an album.

    I’m not even sure how much press they did upon the album release? It all seemed very first single heavy and then Chick Fit didn’t even become an official single.

    I still think On and On would have been a smart follow up and potentially had the ability to match the success of Rock Steady then releasing the album and perhaps announcing a small tour would have been a smart move.

    A third single could have been Chick Fit or they could have played it safe again and gone with something like Not Eazy, though musically it’s almost too similar to Rock Steady.
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  11. The airplay Rock Steady had was massive, there was no way it wasn't going to be a hit. On and On definitely was more recognizable in terms of the All Saints sound though and could have helped in terms of people actually investing in their comeback rather than the catchy song they heard on the radio.
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  12. I remember meeting a younger guy in Scotland back in 2016 and he had no clue who All Saints where. I told him some of the songs and he said:

    “Is it the one where they are crying blood in the video?”

    And that was his All Saints experience and I cried blood myself a little afterwards..
  13. I couldn't pick a holy trinity because there are a lot of songs that I love but Black Coffee and Under The Bridge would be in it if I did.
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  14. Front row at Testament tour I burst into tears during One Strike... oops. But yes, I think that has cemented it as my favourite!
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  15. I Know Where It’s At
    Pure Shores
    Black Coffee
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  16. One Strike
    Black Coffee

    and then I'm really struggling. I think it's a toss up between After All and... Fear?! That song does so many things to me.
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  17. Rock Steady is a stone cold classic. It should have been way bigger than it was. The whole island-y vibe of the album feels very ahead of its time now. Can we all do a kickstarter to fund an All Saints / Major Lazer album?

    Also, Rock Steady was shot in Bucharest, close to where I used to work / get my coffee every morning. I'd pass by the building where they filmed the video and immediately think of the song, like, everyday.
  18. Omg so lucky
  19. Rock steady was and still is hot. Chick fit was terrible, and that entire album campaign was a hot mess.

    Thank god they came back storming with Red Flag. An album that deserved so much more.
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  20. Rock Steady was a banger, the video was awesome (one of their best), they were doing strong promo on radio/TV/magazines etc. I actually loved the aesthetic of the album cover, logo and how they were styled on it.

    The campaign was great... up until the album dropped and then it seemed like everyone involved went away on vacation.

    For me, at the time at least, I felt like Studio 1 wasn't an All Saints album in terms of it's sound. I mentioned before that it felt more like a follow up to the Shaznay solo record. The Appleton's album felt more like a follow on from what All Saints had been doing with William Orbit. I suppose I expected more electronica and more R&B but obviously they opted for the more SKA and reggae style instead.

    Nowadays I appreciate Studio 1 so much more because I love that sound so much more and I do think it has some great songs on it. But I wonder if the ''general public'' were perhaps expecting something else too - more of that Orbit genius or something more urban like earlier hits?

    That's why I said earlier about On and On being the safer option for them over Chick Fit - it definitely had an 'Orbit vibe' about it and I think people would have latched onto it, perhaps even more than Rock Steady. I do think it could have been a big hit for them. I would have loved to have heard some remixes of that track too.

    It would be nice one day to hear them perform more tracks from this record. On and On, Headlock, Flashback and Fundamental especially.
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