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All Saints - Message In A Bottle (New single with Sting)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. I don't think it's a with hindsight - at the time it seemed odd for a band whose two biggest hits were 'Never Ever' and 'Pure Shores' to release Chick Fit when they had 'On and On' sitting right there.

    It's a shame the record company wasn't willing to give it another shot to save the campaign with it after the album flopped.
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  2. I never thought about On and On being a single during the Studio 1 era but I totally see it now. It really would have worked.

    Studio 1 is my favourite All Saints album which makes me laugh because I think it's their least favourite!

    I couldn't possible have a holy trinity. I'd need a holy twentity.
  3. Yeah, doesn't Mel hate it?
  4. She said it's not her favourite.
  5. I wonder if they'll have some new music by then...

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  6. I doubt it. They'll just do their greatest hits.
  7. Is this a new pic?


    It was uploaded a few hours back
  8. Saw that!!

    I wish they didn’t play with my feelings like that lol
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  9. It's awesome!
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  10. I came in to say the same thing! I hope it's the start of something.
  11. A new album next year would be amazing.
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  12. I haven’t seen any Instagram or tweets related to them recording or being in the studio, like they usually do, so not sure if this means anything but does seem strange otherwise...
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  13. Maybe something different to new music? A tour?
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  14. Maybe... but they've been touring their last 2 albums so if they announce a new tour what would it be in support of - a greatest hits?
  15. I think at this stage in their career it doesn't necessarily have to be in support of anything. They have 5 albums worth of material and enough big hits to make people want to see them whatever.
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  16. Just got suggested this on youtube and I'm kind of shocked at how Johnny Vaughan was talking to them. It's so sexist. Thank god you wouldn't get away with this now.
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  17. I love them so much! Our Natalie looks especially stunning!
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  18. I did, for a second, think it was a new album announcement.......
  19. That pic would be an amazing album cover, that's for sure!
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