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All Saints - Red Flag (Album) & Singles.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. K94


    The only All Saints album with a substantial amount of filler is Saints and Sinners - Studio 1 definitely doesnt.
  2. There's always one against it, until there's a gas bill due...
  3. LOL!!!! so true :)

    S&S album, the only fillers are Ha Ha & Love is Love. the deubt is amazing!!! S1 too...
  4. THIS. And maybe I cut Love Is Love out of this list... not a best single material, but I guess not a filler. THEY'RE AMAZING. The best girlband on earth, I love theis music deeply. Their harmonies, lyrics... everything. I couldn't be happier, I really hope they can hold this reunion now. I deffo agree whit the one who said that they can do some gigs and release "indie" albums. A dream come true.
  5. Mel Blatt: "All Saints Will Never Reunite

    A year later...

  6. Coupled with that avatar, I'm dying.
  7. their official twitter is now working... the girls seem very excited twitting each other about rehearsals and stuffs, even Melanie.
  8. I think Saints & Sinners is one of the most filler-central albums I have ever heard. To be fair, a lot of it must be due to just how brilliant Pure Shores and Black Coffee are, so the album tracks will pale even further in comparison. But I literally never listen to anything other than the singles, Dreams (which is also great) and Distance. Not even in a 'leave it on in the background' kind of way.
  9. Fingers crossed they snatch some church hymns and make true bops out of them.

    Ready for remixed girlband versions of How Great Thou Art, Lord of the Dance, Our God Is An Awesome God and the like.
  10. All Hooked Up, Whoopin' Over You and Surrender are all brilliant, though.
  11. I like all of Saints and Sinners. I played the album to death so I know every song inside out.
  12. Wow, didn't know Saints and Sinners was so hated... I think All Saints is their worst album... I have always seen some improvments from these girls between each albums... So I expect a bit more for this new record
  13. All Saints is flawless, Studio 1 is very good, Saints & Sinners is average.
  14. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I will not stand for this Saints & Sinners hate. Dreams, I Fell You, and Surrender were good, as was the title track.
  15. Agreed. Saints & Sinners was great
  16. I'm excited to hear new music from them.
  17. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I Fell You!

    duckface meant I Feel You.

    I Fell You would be a good title for something, though.
  18. Just got into Rock Steady again. The song is perfect and I have been reminded of how chic and fab the video is.
  19. Thank you for this. For 8 years I have never understood the love for that song.
  20. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Chick Fit is amazing. If you don't like it you just aren't capable of comprehending girlband genius.

    It's basically their Biology.
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