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All Saints - Red Flag (Album) & Singles.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. I've always loved "I Remember", which I believe was a b-side on the Never Ever CD single. I have it on my iPod and still listen to it now! It's got such a great groove and the vocals are fantastic.
  2. All saints had a great singles run and some stunning album tracks and great solo stuff too
    1. I Know Where It's At
    2. Never Ever
    3. Booty Call
    4. Lady Marmalade
    5. Under The Bridge
    6. War Of Nerves
    7. Pure Shores
    8. Black Coffee
    9. All Hooked Up
    10. I Feel You
    11. TwentyFourSeven
    12. I've Never Felt Like This Before
    13. You (stunning)
    14. Fantasy
    15. Don't Worry
    16. Rock Steady
    17. Chick Fit
    18. In It To Win It

    That's some good good right there
  3. Black Cofee, Pure Shores, Under The Bridge, Never Ever, I Know Where It's At and Chick Fit.

    All brilliant, brilliant pop songs.

    But Black Coffee, Pure Shores and Never Ever are clearly the holy trinity.
  4. Guys, check out their b-sides!
    I Need a Remedy, Never Too Late, Do Me, Get Bizzy & No More amazing, sexy r&b-pop songs that you put on when you're having sex :)
  5. Is this album really happening?

    I kinda grew up listening to All Saints songs for like a few years and Rock Steady was a good comeback single. Its a shame Studio 1 flopped.
  6. Well they've confirmed to fans they're working on new music with hopes of releasing a single in May, and FutureCut confirmed on Twitter they're in the studio with them. They're at a photo shoot with Rankin today.
  7. Looking pretty damn good on set!

  8. K94


    They're looking better than ever - I can't wait!
  9. Shaznay, yes.
  10. Looking fab! I wish Mel could join then completely, it seems that her jobs are holding her (or even her feelings about this reunion, we never know). And I wish Natalie stops using botox, please. She's very beautiful and does not need that.
  11. Mel took the photo! She also posted this from the shoot:

  12. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Work that Wonder Woman shirt, Nicole!
  13. They just don't age!

    Unlike the Spice Girls which they look like my old aunties now days lol
  14. That photo could have been taken in 99. Even the styling
  15. There's something just so timeless about these girls. Disregarding a few dodgy album tracks, I really think a lot of their material still sounds so fresh. It's all about the underlying, lazy summer-tinged feel that resonates through all their stuff.

    You could easily pull together one of the best summer day LP's ever from their work
    Pure Shore
    Black Coffee
    Don't Worry
    Never felt like this before
    I know where it's at
    One me and U
    Rock Steady
  16. Are you serious? Maybe Geri but certainly not the other 4.
  17. I was so excited in 2006 when they first reformed but this reunion just seems much more exciting. It's also very worrying because all know how long it's taken MKS and how other reformed bands haven't really done much or had much success apart from maybe Steps a couple of years ago for a brief moment. I just hope this works out better for them and hope they actually get to tour this time.
  18. My friend from work had no idea who All Saints were when I tried to talk about this with him yesterday. Surely a 19 year old would know of them, or am I forgetting how old I am?
  19. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I think Let's Get Started/If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin') is much better than Chick Shit.
  20. A 19 year old would have been about 12 when they last released something and about 7 when they did so successfully so yeah... doesn't seem that far-fetched to me.
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