All Saints - Red Flag

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Love it.

Wonder what made them change their minds about the band? Can't have been the prospect of making lots of cash this time...
I love Chick Fit!
Studio 1 is a great pop album, it flopped because the promo was bad and they messed up the whole project and the release date.

I say, work with K-Gee & Orbit!
Stick this in Comeback Corner where it belongs!

In all seriousness, they can have a comfortable career doing gigs and releasing indie singles.
I liked some of Studio 1. Fundamental is brilliant. Not much good will in the general public for this lot so not sure how well it will go down...
Chick Fit is amazing, even if it didn't click with the general public. Studio 1 was excellent, so I'm all for more material.

Call up Greg Kurstin too!


Typical. All Saints could potentially have new material out before MKS.

Can't fucking wait!
The single in May was what Shaznay, Nic and Nat told some fans at a recent event, by the way! I'm very excited about K-Gee again, Studio 1 is absolutely amazing.


Slightly O/T, but I've never gotten why people announce announcements.
Fantastic stuff. Studio 1 was indeed an excellent album - notably Rock Steady, Fundamental, Flashback. On & On and Chick Fit.

Really looking forward to this. If album #4 is anything like the other 3 it will be amazing.
I thought there would be more interest about them reforming considering all the Big Reunion and 90s notalgia hype over the last year and All Saints are one of the biggest acts of the 90s and 00s.
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