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All Saints - Red Flag

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Mis Teeq did a rip off at the 2001 MOBOS
  2. I just found out reading a you tube comment. such a shame.


    Did she ever do anything after All Saints?
  3. So... nothing new? What about the show yesterday? Even this thread is underrated, lol.
  4. LOL, this is killing me. I think based on their popularity on this forum they are not recording anything. How was the show in London anybody? The last show is done too.
  5. Someone I know said they were bloody awful at the Backstreet Boys. No stage presence or charisma. This surprised me massively. Maybe theyre more of a studio act?
  6. The show last night was FANTASTIC. They looked and sounded great. I absolutely loved "Chick Fit" as the opener and they got a great reaction from the crowd. I don't think I've ever seen the O2 so full when a support act is on! I would say "War Of Nerves" got the most muted response but the audience loved the "Never Ever"/"Pure Shores" ending. "I Know Where It's At" got a great reaction too AND they did the 'step, step, head turn, freeze' routine they did in all of their "Black Coffee" live performances, which I loved!! I thought the set list was pretty near perfect (if "All Hooked Up" had been performed, I'd have been very happy). However, I was just glad to FINALLY see the girls live after all these years, I was gutted they didn't tour "Studio 1". So yes, after being a fan for 17 years, I was VERY happy!!

    Completely agree! Then there should have been two singles before the album, "Rock Steady" and "On and On". The album was their best and I'm still kind of bitter about how badly it was handled!
  7. Edu


    But this is kind of their brand, isn't? Great vocal, flawless production, lack of charisma, no presence and seriou face. I don't think this is a bad thing, actually.

  8. I agree completely. Nothing new about that... but I'm still surprised by how snubbed they are. This is very frustrating because they're only going back to the studio if people then want to. By the way, thanks TopopMAC! I really enjoy your review, It seems to had been amazing and I'd give my life to be there.
  9. I also agree! I wouldn't say they lacked charisma or stage presence at all but I do agree about the serious face/non-polished dance routines. All Saints were never about slickness... they were the edgy/cool girl band to like. I liked their moodiness and their slightly disjointed/out of sync routines!

    No problem for the review, glad you liked it! I was going to post something last night but was tired. There was no way I could miss them after waiting for so long and I wasn't disappointed. Considering most of the audience would have been there just for the Backstreet Boys, they had a very warm reception. (It was sold out too!)
  10. I didn't get to see them (mainly as I'm not a BSB fan) so I really hope they do something else after this as I've been a fan since 'I Know Where It's At' and I'm dying to see them live.
  11. All Saints are touring in November with Atomic Kitten and East 17, confirmed by Liz McClarnon of Atomic Kitten!
  12. East 17?! Are any of the original members even in that band?
  13. That is TERRIBLE news. I really wanted them to do a tour by themselves. I don't think I could put myself through the torture of Atomic Kitten, especially with the personified hell that is Kerry Katona. And who on earth are East 17?
  14. Yeah I'd like to see them. But I couldn't go knowing my ticket would help towards funding the existence of Kerry Katona.
  15. Edu


    Sounds like "yes, we're a girlband from the 90's so let's embrance it, do some ironic gigs with a bunch of has-beens just for fun and make some money". I thought BSB were too tacky for All Saints, but damn... they are not coming for the regular coolness this time.

    They'll even going to smile at this concerts. Imagine that.
  16. They were bloody amazing at BSB last night. Went for BSB so was really lucky with the support. They got a (mostly) great reaction and I loved how they incorporated Sleigh Bells into the set! Got a good I Know Where It's At video I'll upload when I'm home. Really, really loved their set so I'm so disappointed about the East 17 / Atomic Kitten tour as I really dislike both of those bands but would see All Saints again in a heartbeat.
  17. I see Eternal got replaced in the end by East 17.
  18. All Saints would be better off touring with MKS and Liberty X than non-credible, pure pop Atomic Puss and East London 17 years ago.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Apart from the odd 'any girlgroup will do' fan like me, I can't see how anyone will be appealed by multiple of those bands.
  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    It's an odd grouping, I'm assuming East 17 have been drafted in to replace another girl band (presumably Eternal) because otherwise there's not much logic to that. But East 17 were very popular in their heyday so I reckon the variety presented by those three acts should bring in a decent crowd.
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