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All Saints - Red Flag

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. A
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  2. I don't even know what to say
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  3. I'm really surprised at how strong this album is. Studio 1 wasn't great, so I almost didn't bother with this... Reading this thread I went in expecting fillers and cautiously approached Rachet Behaviour... but I think the whole album is really solid. One Strike really is pure class. Summer Rain is beautiful and Who Hurt Who has got me right in the feels. Rachet Behaviour does need to be a single, purely on the strength of the title and vines. Puppet On A String should definitely be a single too. Oh come back TOTPs!!!
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  4. Outselling Adele!

    When will your faves?!
  5. With the album being top 3 at the moment and with all the great reviews they should be getting offers for more TV promo etc. I wonder why they choose This Is A War over One Woman Man as the next single. They are both great but I wonder what the reason is behind it.
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  6. I wish there was a US physical album
  7. BBC breakfast played quite a bit of the One Strike video, some good promo there. The interview was okay.
  8. Radio 2 probably chose it for them!
  9. Err why do you think it wasn't Sophie that copy/pasted or sent those lyrics?
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  10. This Is A War is a better song and has that classic All Saints thing goin' on.
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  11. In the Facebook chat they say they've recorded a new track for a radio 2 80's compilation. Sounds interesting!
  12. And the right page
  13. Is it online?
  14. I was initially thinking it's probably 'The Chain' but that was released in 1977 so it's unlikely - something along those lines would be nice though
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  15. Cruel Summer
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  16. Oh my god, that'd be amazing! Led by Natalie of course!
  18. Ray


    "Like I can be bothered to type all this in myself *yawn*"

    Incredible to see 34 copies separating #1 from #2. But... Cleopatra at #2 and All Saints at #3? Is there a huge minogue of Cleopatra fans somewhere that I don't know about?
  19. And Cleo guests on the competition too??!
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