All Saints - Red Flag

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Of course they are not releasing the album yet. I think they planned to release it in November coinciding with the 20th anniversay. But now that Liam Gallagher is releasing his album, they delayed theirs.
Anyone know what kind of artists Fred Ball has worked with? Or what kind of music he produces?
I’m curious to know what kind of vibe this guy is bringing to the new record besides K Gee obviously
Oh! So I saw which artists he has worked with on his website and he was nominated “best rnb album” in 2015. He also produced “summer rain”... thought he was completely new! Nevermind!
I'm a little bit late to the party but better late than never, right? Well, today I managed to take a listen to the Red Flag album in one piece and I ended up lovin' it! I'm fond of every track on the record and find all of them smashing and ace. All the songs are total killers and now I can admit that I've been truly astounded by the album. I'd only heard One Strike before I decided to play Red Flag, which completely blew my mind in the end! A bag full of bops! I'm really keen on One Strike, Pieces, One Woman Man and Who Hurt Who.
All Saints is going to be releasing their 5th album before MKS' comeback album.
Well... Maybe MKS will be back before the sixth All Saints album...

Okay, Red Flag definitely tops Testament. Even today it sounds so fresh. What an album for them to have as part of their discography.

Definitely their best work and boy did I obsess over it upon release. I mean I must've listened to it twice a day for about a month straight in 2016.

I'm glad it has a top 3 chart position attached to it even if the overall sales were woeful. Was still Top 3.
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