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All Saints - Red Flag

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. If they have a new single ready I will be impressed!
  2. For the Studio 1 era, they have written in 6 months more than 60 songs. So I wouldn't be so surprised from them. I know their music is gonna be great.
  3. Found this supposed setlist on Twitter:

    Not in the right order, obviously as I doubt they'd end their set with Chick Fit (or even perform it all to be honest).

    Rock Steady:

    Sounds like a good old time to me.
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  5. DYING. I wish I was there...
  6. Apparently they also did a Work/N* in Paris mash up?
  7. So glad they didn't sweep Chick Fit under the rug!
  8. Very good setlist and I love that they're not pretending Studio 1 didn't exist.
  9. Ugh regretting not going to this now. PLEASE do your own tour!
  10. they are SO underrated. It's a shame.
  11. duckface

    duckface Guest

    What a great setlist!

    I'd have preferred All Hooked Up to Under The Bridge but it's not like I'm there...
  12. So I was there tonight and the girls were amazing! They looked a bit nervous to start but that was to be expected and once they got comfortable they were back to their old selves. It was like they hadn't been away.

    The setlist was almost perfect. I lost my shit when Chick Fit started playing. I know it's not a favourite around here but I love it. They did a shortened version which felt appropriate as it wasn't a big hit, but it was still great to hear. They all sang really well and I was surprised at how 'big' Nat's vocals were - particularly on War Of Nerves.

    All of the songs sounded great and they had a dj on with them who played bits of other tracks - that's where the mashup talk is coming from.

    The ending of Never Ever and Pure Shores was euphoric. It's not often that a support act gets such a good reaction but as soon as Nic said 'A few questions that I need to know..' the place erupted.

    I've got a few good pics which I'll add if I can figure out how.

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  13. AMAZING PIC! Loved it.
  14. Christ. They look so good!
  15. They look incredible. I would have lost my shit at the open of Never Ever!
  16. They look and sound incredible. So gutted I didn't go. I really do hope this is them easing into a comeback.
  17. Here are the clips from the different fans...

    Nicole and Natalie seem to wear the outfits they used to wear during the Rock Steady campaign...It seems like yesterday. So happy they are back. I wish they could announce a new single...
  18. thanks for that compilation! So excited for next weekend. They sound amazing.
  19. Shazslay
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