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All Saints - Testament (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 18, 2017.

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  2. Come THROUGH.
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  3. I have every faith this will be one of the best records of 2018.
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  4. The last album was amazing so I can't wait!

    Maybe the UK could do them a solid and not ignore them this time around.
  5. I'm so ready. I already have my jacket on.
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  6. Their last album literally exceeded all expectations in the UK.
  7. Ray


    Can you confirm @Natalie's Jacket?
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  8. I do hope Natalie gets showcased more on this record.

    As wonderful as Red Flag is it didn't have enough Natalie for my liking and as Everything's Eventual shows she is more than capable.
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  9. It definitely deserved to do better though.
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  10. Give me my jacket back.
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  11. If Red Flag was their first album, I would STILL stan. That's how good these girls are. I'm so fucking excited.
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  12. I've said it a million times - Red Flag is a fucking triumph. Anything else from these ladies is a welcome bonus!
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  13. Red Flag is actually my favourite All Saints album (and I've been a fan from the beginning). It just feels like their most complete, solid body of work.

    Can't wait to see what they've got in store.
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  14. After such a solid album I'm beyond perched for this.
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  15. Exciting!
  16. I'll just be sitting here awaiting a new 'Red Flag'-'Tribal' one-two punch to make me happy.
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  17. Cannot wait a single this year would be nice!
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  18. I want a little more energy this time around though.
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  19. Tribal is THE song, they did that.
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  20. Red Flag is an amazing album. I really enjoy it. I loved their tour gig that I went to as well. I'm looking forward to hearing what they come out with next.
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