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All Saints - Testament (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. With the original font too!
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  2. Back to basics!
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  3. Can someone help me find that article during the Red Flag comeback era where Mel talks about Shaznay throwing a fire extinguisher at Simone, please!
  4. gas


    I hope it's a new picture (for a new single) but it feels very Red Flag outtakes.
  5. It would be an odd choice to update all their social media with an old picture but I'm not really sure where it stems from. There is no announcement of new music just their gig next year with Westlife.
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  6. Could just be getting more mileage out of a new promo photo. At best, maybe a repackaged hits package.
  7. I've not idea how successful a greatest hits would be for them but I wouldn't mind it. Be nice to have War of Nerves included on a DVD too!
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  8. Why is Three Four turning into my favorites? If it was structured differently, it easily could've been one of their more goofy songs but it's just so cool. The middle 8 is such a moment.
  9. I totes feel you!
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  10. Was Distance due to be the lead single to Saints & Sinners before Pure Shores was commissioned?
  11. I think it was rumoured to be the first single by a magazine as it was one of the first songs performed live at a gig. Don’t know if the girls/label themselves ever considered it though.
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  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    You'd think it had become a second or third single at the very least if they considered it as the lead?

    Does anyone know what made them tag Dream and I Feel You onto All Hits?
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  13. Ready Willing and Able was also performed in 1999. I wonder if there was something ready to go before the William Orbit sessions.
  14. Few hits.
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  15. It was odd to tag them on as hidden, unadvertised tracks though. Like, just fill the disc
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Right. Closing the album on a 20-minute 3 song bonustrack with big silences in between was.. eerm.
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  17. They previewed this track on a radio interview, prior to the album release. I recall, at the time, someone asked Shaznay if it would be a single and she said she thought it sounded like one. So I think it must have been considered at one stage.

    Ready, Willing & Able was performed early on, as already mentioned, but that always felt more like "let's perform something new" rather than any indication it was going to be a single.
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  18. The whole album was mostly just a cash-in though. I'm glad we got a DVD of the videos too (though not including War of Nerves was silly) but I think they just cobbled together something last minute.

    I much preferred the budget album that came out a few years back:


    But even this didn't include Under the Bridge.

    I wonder if they could release a new 'Best of' to finally include everything and then some new tracks too?

    This would be a nice cover:


    01. Pure Shores
    02. Black Coffee
    03. Rock Steady
    04. Lady Marmalade
    05. Under the Bridge
    06. Bootie Call
    07. All Hooked Up
    08. Chick Fit
    09. I Know Where It's At
    10. One Strike
    11. After All
    12. War of Nerves
    13. One Woman Man
    14. Love Lasts Forever
    15. If This Is a War
    16. Never Ever
    17. *New Track*
    18. *New Track*
  19. Distance does sound like an obvious single though. You can easily imagine it having been released if things hadn't gone to pot between them during the campaign. It's such a classic All Saints-sounding record, but also really radio-friendly and full of hooks.

    It also contains one of my favourite ever moments in their catalogue: At this time I cannot feel you, I cannot see/They don't know I'm taken, I'm mistaken as being free/ And I'll never know if your heart is with another boo/It's a distance from you, it's a distance from you...".

    At 2:42:
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  20. Love Distance, but it doesn't sound like a lead single material. It could have worked as a later single just like @Madaboutmusic mentioned.
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