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All Saints - Testament (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. They are literally wearing what they always did?
    Black / adidas / leather / baggy stuff.
    And rightly so they always look amazing.
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  2. Interesting! I'm wondering what the title of the new single is...
  3. Random comment: Monét X Change from Drag Race is Shaznay Lewis' lost twin!
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  4. They look so good.
  5. The albums obviously finished. Wonder when we get the preview?
  6. Yes, so funny!
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  8. I tried slowing the clip down a bit and Shazamming it but... nothing.

    Hopefully we’ll get an announcement this coming week now the word is kind of out.
  9. Butterflies in my stomach, etc..
  10. I'm glad things seem to be finally happening! Red Flag is their best album, in my opinion, so if whatever comes next is even half as good I'll be pleased.
  11. Yes, it seems old... I have found this post and it is from 2009:

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  12. We need a preview!
  13. So I guess the video is shot now?
    How long before we see anything?
  14. No idea but VERY smart move from Fascination to release single and video simultaneously... I believe (correct me please if im wrong) that this will help the song chart higher.
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  15. Cool is that the plan?
  16. I dont know is it? Lol
  17. Well, of late, artists have been releasing a song way before we even hear about them making a music video. Then you have something like Christina's recent campaign where it seems everything was ready on the same day. So I hope we get the same treatment from All Saints.

    Be great to have the song debut, the video drop and an album pre-order on the same day. Be good to then have a second track available a week or so later with the album coming a few weeks after that. PLEASE God have them follow the Xtina approach and not the Kylie one. That was painful having to wait so long from first single to album release.
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  18. Yes it usually seems to be artists that are working with a tight budget (like Nadine) that wait to see if a single gets a bit of buzz before they decide to spend money on a video. I guess All Saints have decided to use some of that Take That money to have a full on single campaign ready to go!
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