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All Saints - Testament (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. I'm pretty sure I read an interview when that last album was released, they said they had enough tracks to do a second album and were hopefully going to try and release it the following year.
  2. Is that right? On the DVD interview that came with the album I'm sure Shaznay says they only recorded a small number of tracks for the record.
  3. You make me doubt... Maybe they did a little for Studio 1... What I am sure is that Chocolate Chips is definitely from a Studio 1 session
  4. Maybe they wrote a ton and recorded around 20, we heard at least 17 tracks which isn't really a small number.
  5. So perched for this!
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  6. Nicole's getting a bit of hate because of this whole Paddy McGuinness situation. I've seen "tramp", "whore", "homewrecker" and some other words thrown around. If the backlash becomes greater, I can see Fascination and the group agreeing to delay the album to try and let the whole thing die down?
  7. What’s gone on? I’ve not heard a thing.
  8. She liked 124 photos on his instagram across a period of 4 months. She and Paddy were also seen walking arm in arm out of a nightclub. Whole lotta nothing, basically.
  9. Ugh the Daily Mail site squad will be relishing in their hatred towards her.

    Such an unpleasant lot.
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  10. Boring.

    That ain’t gonna delay an album.
  11. It doesn't sound particularly scandalous put like that, but add the fact that his wife has been pictured in tears today and has also posted a load of shady tweets and it's looking likely that something (who knows what exactly) has happened. I'd be shocked if Nic went there, purely because she knows what it's like to be cheated on. Hopefully she won't come out of it looking bad.
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  12. Ray


    Modern romance.
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  13. Paddy’s well fit. I would.
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  14. This post is... unnecessary as fuck.
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  15. Oh my God that's so stupid.
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  16. It's a mess.

    Sorry, I could have just linked to the story but it was from The Sun and we don't need to be giving them more 'hits'.
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  17. Maybe the bit with the pics could be spoiler tagged just so I don't have to spend ages scrolling down the thread haha.
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  18. Sorry
  19. Don't be sorry! I was trying to be helpful. I appreciate not having to click The Sun link.
  20. How ridiculous that they feel the need to show each picture Nicole liked, we get it. The abuse she is getting on her instagram is horrible.
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