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All Saints - Testament Tour 2018

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. With the much anticipated tour kicking off on November 29th in Cambridge, I’ve made a thread to discuss all things tour related so we can keep the main thread free of spoilers.

    I’m seeing the girls in Manchester and Leeds and want to keep the setlist a surprise, and I’m sure many others will as well. I’m sure we’re in for a treat, their live shows are always absolutely outstanding!

    What dates are everyone going to? And what songs are you wishing for?
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  2. I’ve got a meet and greet in Leeds and regular tickets for London. I hope they continue the tradition of opening the show with I Know Where It’s At.
  3. I'll see them in London on December 6th. I hope they perform some non-singles songs ("Beg", "Surrender", "Too Nasty", "Make U Love Me"...), maybe a b-side ("Get Bizzy", "I Don't Wanna Be Alone"...), and I really wish they rescue "All Hooked Up". Justice for "All Hooked Up"!
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  4. Can't believe I'm seeing them in 2 weeks in Brixton. And that will be my last day in my current job before I move on to something better. It'll definitely be a night to remember.
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  5. I can't make the London date anymore, which inevitably means they will indeed setlist Dreams.
  6. I think I'm the only one who isn't overly fussed over Dreams.
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  7. Yep.
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  8. One week to go!

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  9. Cambridge for me. Hope Jetta is supporting. She's ace.
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  10. I'm going to see them in Glasgow, first time ever and so excited as I've been a fan since 1997!

    Really hoping they do all the earlier singles and some album tracks (Beg, please!) but one of my favourite songs back in the day was the Bootie Call b-side, Get Down! I know they 100% won't perform that though.
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  11. Also my first time seeing them, so I'm very excited.

    Did anyone who ordered from the music glue pre-sale receive their tickets yet? Waiting on my Manchester ones still.
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  12. Is this thread going to contain spoilers??

    I’m going to London by myself!

    I love them THAT much, saw them in 2016, and can’t get enough.
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  13. Well done! I haven't been to a gig by myself in ages and the times I didn't I actually regretted it. I'll look out for you though (I'll probably be at the back by the bar though).
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  14. You and be both! Yeah its my first time by myself but I guess some alcohol may help lol..
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  15. I'm so jealous you're flying over to see them.
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  16. Anyone got their tickets yet? I thought I'd have mine by now.
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  17. I havent got mine! Kinda worried because they have to ship it here...

    Whats with the British Ticket companies and an online ticket???

    Any excuse to visit one of my fave cities lol. Come on! Norwegian has some cheap tickets.
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  18. Still waiting on mine. Ordered from music glue.
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  19. I emailed Music Glue and they responded to say the tickets would be sent closer to the date? Seems like cutting it fine...
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  20. Sadly, I'm just a college student with no passport. Tell them to come to Florida haha
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