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All Saints

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. OK, the video is simply, but I don't really need more. I love the song and I like the video. I think the video fits very well with the song's message, with those teenagers starting to live... :)
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  2. Yeah, the video is super cute and and matches the song. I couldn't expect anything different than that.
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  3. Nice video nothing groundbreaking but that's to be expected without major record label backing

    I'm so excited for this album been obsessing over Red Flag all over again like it's 2016.
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  4. I don’t think it’s Chick Fit. It’s their current budget darling.
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  5. I agree. This shows our faves can work hard and knock it out the park. It is up to date and still essentially All Saints. I am stanning so hard for this and cannot wait for this album! Also the video is good!
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  6. Just here to carry on the positivity, One Strike was really such great surprise for me at the time and I’m so glad they’ve done it again this time around. What triumphant lead!
  7. mdl


    Scar. Yes. Such a hidden gem.
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  8. It’s literally FREE to sign up and takes seconds. Just do it, watch the video, then cancel your subscription.
  9. I bought the video really cheap too.
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  10. Actually quite like the video, it certainly doesn't look cheap, like maybe One Strike did. It's very similar to Melanie C's Anymore video. I guess it's not an original concept by any means but it sort of works and the girls look stunning throughout.
    It's a serviceable video and I'd probably watch it again just to look at how great they look on screen together.
    I quite like the scenes inside the diner/bar/restaurant wherever it is. It would have been nice to have some different scenes in there and more rooftop footage but overall I'm happy with it.
  11. Yeah I bought it too, ha. Support my girls ha.
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  12. What does Shaznay sing screaming before and after of "Just let my loving lead the way, 'cause I'm sure that you know it inside when it's your time"? Please...
  13. ‘You’ve got this love.
    You’ve got love.
    You’ve got loooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaauuuuuurrrrraaaassghhhhh’
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  14. L-O-L. Thanks. ;)
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  15. Brixton tickets purchased, I can't wait! First time I've seen the girls live.
  16. I wish these girls would tour outside of the UK.
  17. I hope they get a slot on Jools Holland. They've done the show before years ago and usually he's good and getting people on even if they aren't signed to a big label.
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  18. I wish they would tour in the UK, specifically places they didn't do last time. Anyone have any inside info on a possible tour?
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  19. OMG YES! This needs to happen! I remember the iconic Beg performance from 1998!
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  20. They did Whoopin' Over You during Saints and Sinners era too.
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