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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. If you are interested in this kind of reaction videos:

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  2. Red Flag is a masterpiece, it's their best work ('Pieces' of late has taken hold of me). But I do think Testament is close, 'Fumes', 'Footprints', 'Three Four', 'Don't Look Over Your Shoulder'... incredible. Also only realised the other day the end of the title track is a clip of the original demo isn't it?
  3. I really like how Steps is tackling their 25th anniversary so far! If All Saints has something planned, they have to announce something by now. In 2 months it will be exactly 25 years since I Know Where It's At released. Would something actually take place around the anniversary or will they postpone it to the autumn? Okay, Mel said no new music soon, but maybe a tour then and the debutalbum on vinyl maybe?
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  4. I have read Robbie Williams is going to celebrate his 25th anniversary too, releasing an orchestral greatest hits album and a tour.

    I don't know what to think about AS celebrating their anniversary. I hope so!
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    Please retire The H*nest V*cal C*ach from this forum thanks xx
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  6. Never thought of it like that but yeah the end of the track has a different sound altogether. I just thought it was one of their playful sound effects.

    I love the last two albums and switch between Fumes and Puppet as my getting ready song...
  7. Amen!
  8. I just don't think anything is coming any time soon. They all seem very distant from each other on social media, rarely liking one another's posts etc. which is vastly different from before. No mention of new music and nothing mentioned about anniversary plans. Plus pulling out of all their shows...

    I just think we should tame our expectations.
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  9. Why all this hatred? I don't get it..
  10. Yeah I honestly think they're just having a break from it all. They're definitely still together and have management etc. Their last show at IOW Festival was mega and they clearly loved doing it.

    I think we'll see something later in the year or 2023.

    But isn't it just awesome that we got this much from them and they leave us wanting more
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  11. I wish they'd tell us why they cancelled the shows. Even just something vague like 'family reasons' if it was a personal issue. To not acknowledge it at all seems a bit unfair to the fans.
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  12. I listened to Everything's Eventual in full for the first time today after the discussion on here and I'm a wee bit shook at how good it is. It's a lot more interesting and emotional than I first thought - I love how experimental it is. 5am caught me off guard and really hit me. It definitely deserves to go down as a 2000's Come and Get It - esque cult masterpieces. I'm kicking myself for not checking it out in full sooner.
  13. I feel like as time has gone by Everything’s Eventual has grown and grown on me. There’s a certain maturity and feeling / vibe to the songs that I’d say was very unique to the record. They really came up with something special and I’m not even sure if they realise that.
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    Nic and Nat should definitely be proud of that album and I'd love to hear them talk about it. Same with Shaznay and her solo album.
  15. Yes and I think it was a little unexpected. I get the impression people assumed it would just be a pretty standard pop album but it's full of different experimental tracks and sounds and influences. I think Liam Gallagher, at the time, gave a quote that it reminded him of The Beatles white album, which is a bizarre statement however you can kind of get what he was implying by the different styles of each track and how it was quite left-field in places.
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  16. One strike randomly played the shopping centre the other day. It was so nice seeing some people bobbing along to the beat. #onestrikethemissednumber1hit
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  17. One Strike and One Woman Man really are just mega. They soared.
  18. One Woman Man is sublime. I also love Make U Love Me. They just own their vocals and harmonies now.
  19. Fear is the one for me. What a gorgeous, heart-wrenching song.
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