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All Saints

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Jonny Prez, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Shame that on Spotify, one of the song has like static noise at the start and skips at one point.
  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Waiting for Your Love is a bop too!
  3. It was the 4th single for sure.
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  4. Hallelujah, Supernatural and Waiting For Your Love could have all been singles and one of them probably should have been in replacement of Everything Eventually which just wasn't a smart single choice.
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Does anyone have good artwork for Saints & Sinners?

    I currently have this but I believe it's a bit cropped. Others I come across all are very dark or extremely overexposed though?
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  6. Whilst Spice Girls fan complain again about the next 25th anniversary released (this time for Spiceworld), All Saints fans are left watching the tumbleweed roll by, with no mention from the girls of any celebrations, releases or new music... Sometimes it's so frustrating being an All Saints fan.
  7. A 25th anniversary of All Saints in vein of the Spice Girls reissues would be offensive though. Especially when All Saints at least have many rare versions of tracks on the debut (specifically the original Japanese versions) and b-sides.

    Hopefully London put out something and that it is more like the Sugababes than the Spice Girls.

  8. Yuup, it's like they don't want the success...
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  9. Warner Music UK retained the rights to the All Saints London material when Because Music purchased the London Records catalogue. Any such reissue would be through Rhino.

    Which is probably why there hasn’t been (isn’t going to be) anything lined up for the anniversary as they seem shambolic when it comes to milking a back catalogue with Deluxe Editions.

    Which is a bit gutting for fans as I’m sure London Music Stream (the new London Records owner/company) I’m sure would’ve gone all out for a release a la Sugababes - One Touch.
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  10. I’d rather nothing than what the Spice Girls gave us.
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  11. I'd rather All Saints on vinyl with NO extras than no All Saints vinyl at all but each to their own.
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  12. I don't want a celebration edition of existing albums. I want a new album.
  13. I’d happily take a comprehensive Greatest Hits with some new tracks… still time for something like that to be announced ahead of Christmas where it could be a big seller if promoted right (fingers crossed).
  14. They're also managed by Fascination, so I can't imagine that a conversation hasn't at least been had given everything they did for Steps.

    They would unfortunately need the rights owners involved and a label to distribute, as I can't imagine they made much money off of the last two albums. I do find it a bit bizarre how silent the members have been though - a big anniversary post or Instagram Live or something would have been nice!
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'd even take a proper one without new material. There's pretty much 18 singles by now and their original All Hits definitely was a bit premature
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  16. The debut album was 24th November, right? So there's still time I suppose but... I'm not hopeful.
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  17. I want it all, they have too.many good b-sides to not be on streaming especially the original slow version of Under The Bridge
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  18. I need Get Down on Spotify!
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  19. And Get Busy....
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  20. Apologies if people know this but I'm just compiling their discography to listen for the first time and I see that some b-sides have appeared on random compilations.

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