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Allie X - Cape God (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. After bugging her about "What are you singing in Downtown Bridge\Bitch final words" we should ask her about the "I'M" on this cover and the way it was probably connected to whatever Collxtion II was meant to be.

  2. Miss Allie made some points.
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  3. *snorts*

    Oh Allie sis.
  4. This photo, YAS

  5. Her editorial game has been through the roof this year. She got that photoshoot hustle, I just hope that energy transfers to music too.
  6. There are more places in the US than the west coast and New England, sis just have one show in the south PLEASE
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  7. The UK found waiting.
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  8. SHE'S COMING TO BRAZIL IN JUNE, FUCK YEAH. The same indie festival that brought iamamiwhoami / ionnalee last year!
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  9. I really like the analog versions of these songs. Like, a lot.
  10. New Teen Vogue interview:

  11. Queen is also working on that new new

    Someone in the comments asked her when we’d get a new song and she replied with the eyes emoji, followed by a stopwatch, followed by a crystal ball. So there’s that!
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  12. Those vocals!! “Little Things” was my fave from the EP and her talent really shines in these analog versions. I want to see her live so bad!
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  13. Is this the new “soon?”
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  14. I love her

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  15. She’s just fucking great.
  16. Meanwhile, yesterday on Twitter:

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