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Allie X - Cape God (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. This album is amazing. This is the shit Banks thinks she's doing.
  2. Highkey obsessed with how she's leaned into Normcore Cenobite as her "look" for this era.
  3. Totally agree.

    It's funny because the album shoot and the initial photos were shot in upstate New York last year (every image we saw up to/including Devil I Know single cover), near the area that ostensibly inspired the album, but everything since Susie Save Your Love has been from the reshoots she did in Oregon in January—and somehow matches perfectly, but also elevates the original concept?

    Original Cape God shoot in New York:

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  4. Cape God reshoots in Oregon:

    I'm usually pretty emotionally detached from my favorite pop stars, but I have a different relationship with Allie—I was literally living in Oregon 2013–2016 when Catch/Prime/Bitch first dropped—so to see her shoot in places I already associate with her music is making me damn near weepy.

    Also the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area where she shot the June Gloom visuals is a place my grandpa and I used to go all the time together, and I wasn't able to fly out and celebrate his 85th birthday last week like I was supposed to, so let me just take a moment to be in my feeeeeeelings. Sorry for the double post.
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  5. That was fascinating! thanks about it.
    Somehow I could imagine the pics weren't all from the same "shoot" and to be honest I still prefer the first ones as they set a better "mood" overall and, well, they're fantastic. The Re-Shoot\"singles" give me a bit more focus in the "fashion x setup" than really the album itself (which was cute for like, Rings a Bell, but right now feels a bit of "repeating").

    And anyway it's still a flawless. Both Sessions. It's just that the second Shoot would work better in Magazines I guess.

    I find it a bit funny how she keeps mentioning songs that didn't make the cut. First with Mitski now this with June Gloom. Would be cool if they did some type of "reissue" later\before the tour just to get some streams. At same time the album is such a tight package as a whole so it makes sense to imagine stuff being cut.
  6. “June Gloom” remains SO ahead of its time. I knew it had a special quality from the start, but being trapped in the middle of a global pandemic just seals the deal.
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  7. Was anyone able to figure out what cave in NY the cover was shot at?
  8. This is the perfect example of visuals and lyrical/song creation processes being Xplained really being a catalyst to immerse the listener in the music. And I love her for it. When I listen to the music, I see the forests and seas and little town it feels like this was written in and for.

    And I can't wait for June Gloom to be my June anthem.
  9. This album is so good. June Gloom has this funky element to it I love. Life Of The Party is a banger with some great lyrics.
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  10. Between this and Sawayama it's gonna be really hard to choose my album of the year.
  11. I can’t remember ever listening to an Allie X song.

    I just started Cape God and Fresh Laundry..I’m gooped .
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  12. Oh my absolute gods

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  13. The hoops! Baddie X went to Claire's.
  14. Her stans are quite possibly the only ones more tenacious than Charli’s. Which circle of MySpace hell did they have to trawl through to find that??
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't see them being that similar but this made me kii
  16. I gasped.
    III was one of my favorite albums last year.

    They're also... not making the same kind of music at all.
  17. We know.

  18. They're both sadgirl musicians a lot of the time but I'm just not seeing why this made you think of BANKS at all.
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  19. I also don't see Banks and Allie X being the same at all.
  20. Comparing BANKS to Allie X... Is it worms? Have worms been burrowing themselves deeper into the brain?
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