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Allie X - Cape God (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Well, in a show of dancers and comedians, to stand on stage and do a performance that says "Oh hey, this song embodies the healing of trauma I went through" ... It's to be expected that relative strangers might not want to talk to me after.
    I still enjoyed it and the song means a lot to me.

    I wanted to do a performance video at home for June Gloom in June but... June kind of just... happened and then it was July and I was like "Oops". I think Sarah Come Home I want to perform next in some way.
  2. I love all her projects but I’m glad that she’s showed evolution over the years and experimented with her sound. I think Cape God is such an impressive achievement.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The chorus to Hello..........I'm glad Cape God is a step up in every way.
  4. Im also reliving the song and it is a masterpiece isnt it
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  5. All the IG stories and tweets I’m seeing like “I didn’t know her but love this song!” like... the illiteracy.
  6. Unnecessary.

  7. Yes!!
    But, for real, Hello lyrics were one of the things that really got me a stan card. I wish I could articulate it better but, in short, it's nothing new that she's very delicate and intricate while talking about feeling like an outsider and how it ressonates. But Hello sounds (and feels) like the first time you actually meet someone\people\a group and you belong somewhere and become a little obsessed that you can be yourself in full for the first time because people understand you. The euphoric chorus covering such a simple emotion that comes from hearing someone say "hello" and knowing that it started everything and your life really changed for better...after hearing hello. And also being scared that you might fuck up and end up going back to zero dd.

    I don't know if it's because I really relate to it or whatever but I do find it fantastic.
    "Next time Doctor tells me I have to swallow a pill to put it in perspective \ I'll tell her everything's coming up roses was shockingly better than I expected" is probably one of my favorite lines ever and her medical-imagery game was just out of this world.
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  8. Imagine thinking Hello isn’t one of the best choruses she’s done.
  9. I don't know if I've said it before around here but Bitch is still one of my favorite Allie songs. I love that's it's her most "shadow self" track in the EP and that it has layers and layers of samples, synths, snares and distorted vocals yet it works.
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  10. Bitch is a quintessential track in her discography and overall mythology. It’s a genuinely unique song that did a lot of the legwork in making the Tumblr gays etc pay attention to her.

    And this girl too

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  11. When I dragged my friend to Charli XCX last year and Allie was opening, she was living for Bitch and absolutely nothing else.
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  12. Unpopular opinion but I think Bitch is my least favorite song of hers. I don't like the way the vocals are produced, it sounds like an unfinished demo, even amongst the rest of CollXtion I
  13. I like Bitch, even if I don't seek out a lot compared the rest of CollXtion I. It definitely opened a ton of doors for her in terms of fans
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  14. Bitch remains a fantastic kooky slice of Tim Burton-esque pop.
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  15. Bitch was the first song I heard because a friend of mine knew that I was enjoying Crystal Castles and went like "Listen!!! It's close!!". (I mean... Maybe). Felt very "alright it's something".

    Never Enough played right after and got the deal thought. The 80s Phang jumped out.

  16. Iconic usage though.
  17. Prime remains that bitch despite its repetitive chorus. That middle 8 is pop perfection.
  18. Random question given the state of tours right now but did anyone who bought the Cape God VIP package end up getting their X-tra Access lanyard? All the items in the package arrived to me months ago except for that.

    I'm curious because I know my ticket will be honored whenever she can go on tour again but I also know I'll need the lanyard for the meet & greet.
  19. I didn't get it either, but I think it originally said that they'd be sent out alongside the tickets, so hopefully we'll get them when if the dates are rescheduled.
  20. I keep forgetting I just have these magical tickets that don't exist out in the ether waiting to be scheduled and given to me.
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