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Allie X - Cape God (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Not that the tour is going to happen anytime soon and I know she is not a 'big' name but the european leg was postponed officially 4 months ago and still no new dates.... Thinking about getting a refund, damn live nation
  2. My ticket was a print-out I had to present at the venue which is why missing the lanyard had me a bit concerned but glad to know I'm not alone.
  3. Was watching the original Suspiria last night and the two main characters are named Susie and Sarah. Coincidence?
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  4. This album keeps on giving, it's a shame it came out just before the world shut down.
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  5. Just strolling on in to say I hadn't listened to Allie X before but Hello was great and I've been really enjoying listening to her other songs. What a beautiful little slice of popstar she is. Early favourites are Hello and Sanctuary.

  6. ^ Love this - the track didn't click with me at first but I'm glad it eventually got the remixes EP treatment as they are mostly excellent.
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  7. WHAT. I can’t play it yet...

    This song certainly deserves one more chance to “do something”. It’s a smash.
  8. Not available for me. What is changed, just a featured artist?

  9. It just sounds like a remix. Nice little bonus to have!
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  10. Super Sunset retrospective next week girlies! We’re just flying through these eras.
  11. I don't know if it's been mentioned but she's doing a $2 digital concert tomorrow. $25 for VIP, but it doesn't say what that really is.
  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Downtown is probably my favourite track of hers, and this new mix is gorgeous! Still doesn’t beat the original however.
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  13. The new mix of 'Downtown' is phenomenal.
  14. I’m trying to figure out what the VIP means as well… anyone have any ideas?
  15. What does this entail?
  16. I was joking sorry. There was just a lil Collxtion I renaissance after Hello was performed on Canada’s Drag Race, then she released a Collxtion II remix, so one could draw the conclusion she was working her way through the eras.

    No actual Allie tea at this time sadly.
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  17. Oops, I’m an idiot. But I would love her to do something with it this week.
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