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Allie X - Cape God (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Iconic song. Admittedly it was the most challenging to me of the original three SoundCloud uploads, but after spending six-odd years with it the layers have peeled back one-by-one.

    It's a rare gift to receive such an unadulterated piece of expression as Bitch in the world of pop, self-written and self-produced with such modest tools. Grimes, Imogen Heap come to mind. Feels like a true pop justice to see it become her widest-reaching song.
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  2. Bitch is probably my least favorite song of hers.
    But I say that fully understanding why people love that song, and I dont have any real problem with it, It just is a bit too mellow and lofi for what i'm usually listening to.
    But I'm glad there is like a song she has that is really popular and so organically popular... And that those people can then listen to her other music and find all the other gems she has. And I hope they do.
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  3. There's just something so uncomfortably yet interestingly visceral about Bitch.

    The fact that the last minute basically sounds like the audial equivalent of one's concept of self collapsing into a dark spiral. The soft little bit she mumbles at the end? Whew.

    I don't return to it too often, but every time it remains a treat.
  4. And the fact that she just won’t reveal what the hell she’s saying at that ending... It’s probably random gibberish but Eggs loves embelishing her own mythology and lore.
  5. 'Bitch' is almost certainly still one of her best.
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  6. Any news on the tour? I know it's not going to happen soon but it's been more than 5/6 months since the original dates and no word. Ticketmaster says until the new dates are announced they can't refund, but I contacted Live Nation and they seem more cooperative but still...
  7. I don't think so but I wish. I keep forgetting I have tickets... Like I know they dont want to have to cancel and refund everyone but like... Nothing?
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  8. New feature out this Friday:

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  9. Well looks like Life of the Party has made its way into being one of my favorite songs on the record
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  10. I wonder if she's working on another album? She's been kind of quiet and Cape God seems relatively over with unfortunately, albeit the pending tour.
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  11. Back in February, she’d originally said she was planning to take a break after Cape God, since (her words) she’s been working non-stop since 2014.

    But I gather from the way this year has gone that maybe her plans have changed slightly. She’s been posting on her story about audio equipment she’s purchased, and vague references to (what I interpret as) writing music.

    Conservatively, I would say we could expect to hear something from her project within the next 12 months.
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