Allie X - Girl with No Face

"Weird World" out soon.

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Oh she's fully leaning into her high fashion editorial The Grudge momenT. An Anja Rubik by Mert and Marcus oolong:
Weird world is good! Doesn't reach the highs of Tits or Black Eye (and people have to stop rhyming girl with world... maybe try unfurl next time? ) , but I'm generally loving the sound she's going for!

I didn't bother with train tickets, so I'm ready for the album to slap me in the face tomorrow
Besides what’s been released so far, I think Galina and You Slept On Me are obvious highlights. I initially struggled with John and Jonathan but it has grown on me a lot. Hardware Software was the weak point but it’s weirdness has warmed to me and this is a skip less album
Wow. This album is so good. (I gave it a very brief runthrough when it leaked, but honestly didn't return to it or bother much with the pre-release singles and figured I'd just wait.)

As I've stated many times before, I adore albums that commit to a mood or a "vibe", and Allie fully commits to that '80s goth pop/new wave sound and runs with it in a very creative way. She has a few obvious bops for the gays, a few left-field tracks that are clearly more polarizing, and a few introspective ones for good measure. Her use of chord changes and unexpected melodic shifts are a favorite characteristic of the album for me, and that production...? This is self-produced?! It's exquisite and so true to the source material that inspired her.

I admit to not quite clicking with her music before this album outside of a handful of songs, but she hooked me with a full album here. I don't dislike anything and the sequencing is so tastefully done that I don't feel the need to skip anything, but that 2nd half (or Side B) is straight up 5/5 for me.

Top 5: Black Eye, Staying Power, You Slept On Me, Saddest Smile, Truly Dreams [or] Girl With No Face
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