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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Brand new 'alt' pop girl. This is what Neon Gold has to say about Allie:

    Basically a very good, current-sounding electropop track with a very instant chorus. I'd say the vocals are halfway between Dolores O'Riordan and Ellie Goulding.

    And you can download it for free on SoundCloud!:
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  2. Re: Allie X - Catch

    ooh nice, thanks.
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  3. Billboard (of Hold It Against Me fame) remixed Catch:

    It's very, very good.
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  4. Re: Allie X - Catch

    The beat and her hairline is out of this world.
  5. Re: Allie X - Catch

    Prime is INCREDIBLE.

  6. Re: Allie X - Catch

    "Prime" is some single-of-the-year shit. I liked "Catch" and have been listening to it a decent amount but I can't say I really 'got' it until I heard this new one. What a tune.
  7. Re: Allie X - Catch

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. What a brilliant song. Two incredible songs in a row. I hope we get to see Allie in music video form soon. She's got very interesting imagery.
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  8. Re: Allie X - Catch

    She's American?? She has such a British accent on Prime?! Two very good songs though, I'm definitely interested in what's next!
  9. Re: Allie X - Catch

    Prime and Catch are both amazing pop songs. I can't wait to hear more of her material, is she on a big label?
  10. Brand new free download! This one's called Bitch and it's darker and quieter, but just as brilliant as Catch and Prime.

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  11. Re: Allie X - 'Catch', 'Prime' and 'Bitch'

    I really like 'Bitch' the most out of the three tracks so far. The distorted chorus reminds me of Crystal Castles (obvious comparison, ahoy!)
  12. Re: Allie X - 'Catch', 'Prime' and 'Bitch'

    Catch is still my favourite of the three. It's got such a beautiful melody and instant chorus. I think it sounds like a lead single and Prime is the obviously bigger-sounding second single in a Just Dance + Poker Face kind of way.

    I'm surprised Allie's giving away so many songs. Apparently, she doesn't have a record deal? Sounds bullshit to me.
  13. Re: Allie X - 'Catch', 'Prime' and 'Bitch'

    i love her she's amazing..i had "CATCH" in my head since earlier this year!
  14. Re: Allie X - 'Catch', 'Prime' and 'Bitch'

    This lady continues to amaze me. I've heard literally three songs by her and I genuinely wouldn't hesitate to call her the most exciting new thing in pop music.
  15. Re: Allie X - 'Catch', 'Prime' and 'Bitch'

    I've only heard ace songs from her so far, Bitch is no exception. I love how she's letting us hear a different side of her on Bitch, she's my to-watch artist of 2014.
  16. Re: Allie X - 'Catch', 'Prime' and 'Bitch'

    Prime > Catch > Bitch

    'Catch' just kind of fades into the background for me... I've heard it on the radio enough times, and it's never really caught my attention. I'd actually always assumed it was some generic Ellie Goulding song. Apparently not.

    'Prime' is amazing on first listen, and I think I'm going to listen to it fifteen more times now.

    'Bitch'... well, to be fair, "darker" rarely does it for me.
  17. Island

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    Re: Allie X - 'Catch', 'Prime' and 'Bitch'

    Catch is the best of all of them.
  18. Allie shot a music video for Bitch. It's good!

    I love this song.
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  19. Catch music video. INCREDIBLE.

    This made my day.
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  20. Re: Allie X - 'Catch' (Think 'Boom Clap' But With Properly Good Music Video)

    I've watched the new video several times now and I find something new every time. It's bizarre (and a little nauseating) but completely mesmerizing.

    Her album "The CollXtion I" (amazing) is coming in April, too! Properly excited for this girl; I was beginning to think nothing was going to happen given her relative quietness after Bitch.
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