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How often do we think Allie posts on this forum? You know she's here. I see you, Allie. I see you.
Alexandra Hughes most definitely posts here. And she probably trolls ATRL as well. Relatable queen.
Allie X said:
hahah I'm not a lurker. I lurked once like 2 years ago and I was like ahhhhhh I can't do this - not healthy for my brain! But I have friends who are all over this shit and give me the lowdown without getting too specific. It's valuable info.
From her /r/popheads AMA.
Did you guys like Lau Ra? The opening act.

The opening act was frankly tone deaf.... I have videos to back that up.

Allie was bloody brilliant... the meet and greet was not rushed and she allowed you to chat for as long at you wanted . I was there close to 10mins. I asked her about how I loved the harsh/heavy subjects of her songs wrapped up in a 3min pop song, my appreciation of Bodies (aka Strxnger) and Oh My God and why they never made the cuts. They were planned for release but over-stanny fans leaked them. I also enquired why the “90s house piano” was dropped from the demo I’d heard of “Casanova”. She was very humble and genuinely interested.

02. Catch
03. Casanova
04. Old Habits Die Hard
05. Paper Love
06. Need You
07. That’s So Us
08. Lifted
09. All The Rage
10. Vintage
11. Downtown
12. Sanctuary
13. ??
14. True Love Is Violent

Vocally onpoint, very enjoyable show. Beautiful venue.


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Anyway, Allie was rehearsing with a a small orchestra on her IG story from yesterday. Is anyone going to the Toronto show tonight?
Does it really sound different to the two other versions? I'm inclined to say yes, but perhaps I'm just listening through shit laptop speakers.