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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. A user on LanaBoards uploaded the WAV files from the digital download of the cassette and icanheargod.gif
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  2. So supposedly Deconstruct My Heart was something Allie submitted to Madonna for Rebel Heart and like...wig. I can totally hear her on it.
    I hope she puts the other analog versions + digital concert up to buy/stream because like...I want to buy the cassette and support ha but I can't justify spending like $17 on something that I won't ever play or use
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  3. Yeah, and someone posted them on Twitter and she called them out ddd

    And they keep arguing with her about it... embarrassing.
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  4. On one hand, she had to have known the phrase 'cassette exclusive' would cause someone to upload the songs to the internet the first chance they got. On the other hand, I think she's clearly business savvy enough to not actually leave them as a cassette exclusive.
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  5. She probably wanted to have them as exclusive at first so people would be motivated to buy it, then release them online later on.
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  6. No wonder so many artists don't bother with the "fans".
  7. The fan was stupid for tweeting a link but saying it's a cassette exclusive and not mentioning a digital release is... not smart. She should be upset with the distributors since they sent people the files in the first place
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  8. The distributors also apparently sent people the Indesign files for the cassette insert, which like...PDFs of the liner notes are one thing, that’s another entirely. I feel bad for her.
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  9. I'm still a bit shook that someone emailed saying "Hey, I haven't received the WAV download link" and they went "Here, have literally everything."
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  10. Fans in being their faves worst nightmare confirmed again.
  11. Put that out on itunes now, gurl! If only it were that easy.
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  12. Yeah, there's no point in waiting now.

    Hopefully she's aiming for a Xmas day drop or something and include the analog Last Xmas too.
  13. I ordered the cassette, but never received the WAV files. Were they emailed from the distributor?
  14. Hellberg remix of Girl of the Year:

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  15. She's handling it rather calmly.
    It could've been a "STOP LEAKING MY MOTHERFUCKING VIDEOS" moment. Or a Pop Music Emergency

    lol. But, not making high quality audio readily available to download is always going to lead to this sort of thing happening.
  16. I stan this remix making the chorus even more unintelligible.
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  17. Billboard interview:

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  18. The analog versions are on Spotify girls.
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  19. The Super Sunset Analog is up on iTunes also. Merry Holidays and Happy New Year to you too Allie X! I love you.
  20. The analog version of Little Things is already in my Top10 Allie tracks, I think.
    And I wouldn't mind some Collxtion/Collxtion II analog versions either. Do it, queen.
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