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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Super Sunset Analog is better than the regular album.
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  2. Wait, is this finally online?!
  4. Oh, "Not So Bad" has a different outro!

    Serving Mineta (from My Hero Academia)

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  5. Is it me or is the keyboard turned WAY up in the "album" version of the Focus analog?
  6. I’ve noticed the different instruments and different pitches on the Analog versions also. I’m not sure what makes these songs “analog”. Some sound like unmixed demos (not a bad thing).
  7. They're live, one-take versions recorded through an analog console/board to maintain a warmer, rawer sound
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  8. I've been clammering for Science Analog ever since the original came out but now that I have it I'm a little disappointed. It's not as good as the other Analogs (especially Focus and LA) and the vocals are... wonky.

    NSBILA remains the best Analog.
  9. I actually love every single analog version. The only difference is that I love the analog versions of Focus, Not So Bad In LA and Girl Of The Year more than the original, while I prefer Science and Little Things from the regular album. It's probably just because those two are my favorites and have a more personal meaning to me?

    Nevertheless, Allie really made 2019 great already. She did that!
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  10. My vinyl arrived yesterday! It’s a lovely shade of yellow. Highly recommend purchasing it.
  11. GOTY analog is the best song of 2018
  12. Also, what is this mess?
  13. An unofficial upload, judging by the cover art and title. It's happened to Allie a few times.
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  14. Why are her fans the worst?
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  15. I like all of the analog versions, I think it's rare to find an artist who wants to give this much back to their fans and has the means to do it. She's so appreciative. None of them are better than the originals but they're still nice to have, I think Girl of the Year and Focus do the most to justify the project. I'm still so shook about what a major upgrade this "album" was over CXII.
  16. The fact she releases so much (and is still working on stuff judging by her recent Instagram posts) despite her fans being the worst. We really don't deserve her.
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  17. Ooooh, can't wait to get mine!
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  18. Hey vocals on the analog Girl of the Year...this kills the man.
  19. Whew, "Girl of the Year" is immense in any form. These vocals.
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