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Allie X.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Excuse me WHAT?
  2. They were in the studio together last year! It was on Allie’s Instagram story
    I want to believe it was collaborations for either of their next albums since if I remember correctly they were both in the booth on that IG story, but Allie could have been doing some co-writing.
  3. Just fucked around and bought tickets to see Allie and Ionnalee when she comes to town 2 days after my birthday.

    Happy Birthday to me!
  4. Catherine Keener <3
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  5. Really tempted to go to this!

    Hard to pass up two Canadian pop queens in one night, but it's on a Monday night and this 9 track setlist she's doing is not the tea. Where is "Not So Bad In LA", where is "Little Things"??? Like if I can't yell that last chorus of "Little Things" back at her then is it really worth it?

    Has anyone seen her on this tour? How was it?
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  6. I'm going to the Toronto show and she doesn' "Little Things" or "Not So Bad In La"? This is very disappointing to learn, especially the lack of the former track. I'm hoping since she's headlining that maybe it will be an expanded setlist.
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  7. I saw her Sunday night opening for ionnalee. It was my third time seeing her and she's been incredible every time I've seen her. Her set list has been short because she's been an opener so I'm assuming it will be different if she's headlining. She does meet with fans afterward and is a doll.
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  8. Oooh. I thought the recent shows were headlining shows. Crisis averted!
  9. Just came back from her show and honestly I was blown away. She served vocals, looks, bop after bop. Her stage prop and lighting was stunning. Ralph was also amazing and when she came out for "Casanova" to do VERITE's verse, I fucking died!
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  10. So bummed I missed them tonight. Glad you had fun! Do you remember what her setlist was?
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  11. Pretty much the same as her Washington show a couple days ago:

    Not So Bad in LA
    Casanova (w/ Ralph)
    Old Habits Die Hard
    Paper Love
    Too Much to Dream
    Little Things
    Girl of the Year

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  12. It's kind of funny how she pays CollXtion II dust. I don't know why it's a great record. Could have switched out "Too Much to Dream" for "Vintage" or "That's So Us." Other than that the setlist was perfect.
  13. I like that she closes with Sanctuary. That feels right.
    Still a shame that All The Rage was never placed onto an album officially and will be lost to the ages now I guess.
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  14. The show was fantastic! My only problem was that the sound system as a bit busted. It was hard to hear her spoken/lower vocals at times.
  15. How was this not on my radar? I totally would have gone!
  16. I love her so much

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  17. For some reason as I was scrolling I momentarily thought this said Allie X - Super Trouper. That would certainly be... something.
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  18. That setlist is... incredible.

    I am so ready for this weekend.
  19. Now I want it.
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  20. She was incredible tonight and I just barely got a photo with her because apparently people who own/post for the Allie X Brasil page were there and chatted her up for 5 minutes dddd.
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