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Allie X.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I’m fucking screaming

  2. She’s no stranger to peoples ignorant, lazy, judgmental insults. Look who a large demographic of her fan base is. She’s learnt well from the queens.
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  3. A pop injustice. She gets camp in a way most attendees last night didn’t.
  4. I just read the text on the second cover and i'm cackling! That's worse than Cosmo.
  5. At least she looks snatched.
  6. Excuse me, some of us are trying to clean up sex stains over here!
  7. I quit my shitty media job to become a cam girl and I couldn't be happier.
  9. Why is Sculpture on Apple Music? I thought this stuff only happened to Spotify, haha.
    It's a really high quality sound, too.
  10. She has some new songs registered, but they're likely just co-writes.

    Allie X, Tchami, Ricky Licis, Jonathan Sloan

    Allie X, Bobi Andonov, Dylan Bauld, Linnea Södahl

    I took a moment to listen through her unreleased stuff / discography for the first time in a while and whew... the talentry. At least some of her unreleased stuff would have to be included if a rate was ever done.

    Collxtion I - 8 Songs
    Collxtion II - 10 Songs + 5 Unsolved Songs
    Super Sunset - 8 Songs

    Probably include the Allie Hughes EP and Elevator & O Chad since those are the songs they stayed with her the most during her beginning days. Toss on I Will Love You More since that was an official release as ALX and Tongue Tied since she gave it as a video as ALLIE X ANDRA.

    Toss in the following as unreleased:
    - Love Me Forever
    - I Take It Back
    - I'm Not Gonna Tell My Boyfriend
    - Sculpture
    - To Better Times
    - Stranger
    - Sorry
    - Debut
    - Thief
    - R3BORN
    - Remember Forever

  11. Oh wow

    The demo for Little Things and a song called Dancing in the Dark leaked this week
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  12. I still use this from time to time.

    I love that whenever I listen to this, it reminds me of the colour yellow.

    Bops after bops. Will we ever get a full length album, Queen Alexandra?
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  13. Collxtion II was a full album...
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  14. Considering how that era was handled it’s hard to think of it as anything other than a headache.
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  15. What KYLE said.

  16. And yet it still is a full length album. Stay blessed x
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  17. Y’all still bitter over that? It’s been two years and the album was solid x
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