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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I don't even remember what the mess was ddd
  2. It was a fucked up roll-out but I mean... Big-Pop-Flop-Girl realness dd.
    I just wish we got the "That's So Us" music video that she managed to get the budget but it never happened sadly.

    Seems like Collxtion III is still a thing tho so let's wait. I feel she's been too quiet recently but also can't see anything happening before Super Sunset turns 1.
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  3. I completely ignored that whole mess and just checked back in when it dropped.
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  4. It literally was not even that bad if I’m remembering right. This thread went through a weird phase of dramatics and doom-mongering in mid-2017; I’ll never forget someone saying that Allie felt redundant since they weren’t feeling the music at the time and HANA did her sound better - and I love HANA dearly, but...she’s released like five songs. Since 2016.
  5. I think it was annoying because too much edging (which, in the end, wasn't her fault at all)

    Unsolved (which I guess is the main reason that people really got mad at the whole era)
    The blackout with announcement of an announcement
    The hotline with song snippets that wouldn't be released til 6 months later
    Casanova being released as a Instant Grant and Paper Love getting Lead Single treatment
    Paper Love music video leaking and taking... a long time to be released.
    The Tour (?) that happened before the album was out and vinyl leak 2 months (??) before the official date

    The record just sounding... way more compact and friendly than Collxtion I songs etc.

    And then the album was released and nothing happened. Til they just decided to go back and make Casanova a second single (or actually "fourth" since Need You and That's So Us were released for radio but no videos) with endless remix + lyric video + uneventful music video combo that took like 6 months to happen.

    Always thought people had some high expectations since it was going to be "debut lp" and stuff but... It doesn't mean it was bad or anything. It was so much fun and I was really happy to see her "winning".
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  6. CXII had some cute songs but I personally didn't enjoy the shift she took sonically between CXI to II.
    I. was synthy and had strong vocal moments. II. was more chill, laid back- even to the point where she reworked songs like Old Habits so that they were a bit more chill than the Unsolved version, along with cutting All the Rage. The whole LP just made me miss her belting out some notes in the same vein as songs off her first release.

    Luckily I think Super Sunset found a good in between. There's good vocal moments there and and it's just a good listen, even when it dips into the synthy 80s sound, it doesn't feel like any sort of backtracking.
    I'm curious to where she'll take the next release.
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  7. I'm here tonight to let you know that "Focus - Analog Version" is a masterpiece.
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  8. As long as we’re being nostalgic, the behind-the-scenes on Collxtion II’s release was messy but not really her fault.

    The stuff I know, from still being attached to her team at the time, was a lot to do with what Nick Gatkin/the powers that be at Twin Music were deciding what could or couldn’t happen, in terms of release and promotion. She’s on label that gives her more creative freedom at the expense of not having extensive resources to tap, so it was a lot of push-pull between intent and ability to execute.

    Lining up press and promotion and videos and venue bookings with release was (and seems to remain) difficult for her at the time, which is why we ended up with oddities like the vinyls being given out at the NYC show a month and a half before the album actually came out. The record had originally been due out two months earlier—but the press didn’t line up or something, so the release slid into the summer.

    On the creative side and in her control, she wrote and demo’d a bunch of songs during or just after CollXtion I that are much more in line with the material from that era. Really cool synthy stuff, pretty dark and wordier than what ended up on II.

    Oh My God was very nearly on Collxtion II, in a much more finished form, but after that (rough) demo leaked, she pulled it. She also dug Sculpture out and was apparently working on it right up until the album deadline, before pulling it last-minute as well.

    Getting a peek behind the curtain was sometimes reassuring, because a lot of the frustrating release decisions have been out of her hands and it’s hard to blame her for those. But knowing some of the could-have-beens also makes it infuriating.
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  9. Oh the things I would do for the finished version of Oh My God...
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  10. Why is Sculpture on Apple Music ddd
    And in amazing quality too.
  11. The version I’d heard absolutely slapped, a literal tragedy.

    Other behind-the-scenes stuff I knew: There was a point in late 2014 where Collxtion I’s tracklist was Hello, Catch, Prime, Tumor, Bitch, True Love is Violent.

    Good was conceived last for the album, and it and Sanctuary were added relatively late into development. True Love had been kicking around since her demo reel when she moved to LA, but after it got the boot from I she reworked the production and obviously it ended up in the closing spot on II instead.
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  12. Interesting! Is there any way the finished version of Oh My God is circulating and might leak at one point?

    I would say she did the right thing in picking Good and especially Sanctuary over True Love Is Violent (I do love the CollXtion II version, though). I think CollXtion II overall is a pretty great album too, but I will never forgive her for messing up Old Habits Die Hard and doing Too Much To Dream dirty; and knowing that Oh My God was meant to be on it... homophobia, literally homophobia!

    I would love for Allie to revisit some of her older/scrapped songs like she did with Never Enough and True Love Is Violent. Oh My God, Sculpture, Champagne & St. Germain and Sorry (no, Vintage doesn't count) all deserve a moment in the spotlight, in my opinion.
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  13. I wouldn't mind more CX I type sounds. Synthy and kind of dark, but with powerful vocals, Over that of CX II which was more laid back and chill in comparison.
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  14. Never Enough is just so good (and the first song I fell in love with). God Bless the moment she looked back on it and decided to put it as a B-Side and then release it on the CLX I Vinyl.

    Always thought True Love is Violent was special for her somehow. Love the piano recording and the CLX II is cute but I always felt the production was "too vanilla" and the song "too deep".

    I'm really excited for the next step. I keep thinking of the whole leak series before CLX II and, "as a stan" it was such a dream but to read it somehow really messed her plans it such a punch in the guts.
    Wonder if some of the songs like "Stranger" and "This is The Jam" could have turned into something else if they didn't leak and the worst is the fact they're leaked yet not final products that are "known to exist"
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  15. Seems unlikely! I never had direct access to it myself and she runs a tight ship now, so I can’t imagine anyone has the full file.

    The tracklist hadn’t been finalized even by the time they did the gif shoot in that asylum and around NYC, so—for example—the mirror shard image that was used for Casanova was originally attached to Oh My God, and the Simon Says rooftop images were for To Better Times.

    She’s kinda described Vintage as finally satisfying the melodic idea she originally had with Sorry, so I doubt she’d even revisit it if that ever happened. But Lifted actually had a similar origin story, the chorus melody belonged to a song that was demo’d in 2015/2016 called Eden:
    When I first heard Casanova around that same time, it was a really straightforward tropi-bop, with the chorus sounding like a big actual chorus, instead of a build to the “Casanova fucked me over” part.

    A lot of the Collxtion II songs didn’t take obvious routes to their final forms, which kinda dovetails with what she’s talked about as far as having to fly back to Canada to write because she was so creatively frustrated.

    My professional relationship with her was brief but obviously I’m a huge fan outside of that, which is why I’ve kept track of this info for as long as I did. Always have more to share if people find it interesting.
  16. Yeah, you're probably right. Still, it would be great to get those songs at one point, whether it's through a leak or – ideally – by Allie herself either using them for upcoming projects or by just putting out some sort of Unreleased CollXtion.

    Oh right, I remember the whole mess with the GIFs when us L*naBoards gays became professional investigators for a moment. I must have missed the Oh My God bit, though.

    And wow, I didn't know Lifted came to be in a similar way as Vintage, what a surprise! And yes, please do keep sharing things you managed to find out!
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  17. @collxtion these are amazing insights\behind the scenes stuff. Thanks for sharing! Really random question, but do you know why "That's So Us" never happened after she got the budget from the canadian program or something?

    I remember the gif things as well. Also someone from L*naboards just shared a really long note about unreleaseds and things after keeping up with the Leaker from most of the songs.
  18. I don't know anything about that, no. I had heard the grant program ended sometime after she shot the Sanctuary video, cuz they used to joke that video was why they cancelled it. I do know she doesn't like That's So Us very much though, kii.

    I just checked and didn't see the note you were referring to, curious to see what was said. No idea what that stuff about a lost Can't Stop Now verse is.
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  19. It's a cheesy song but the production is one of my favs dddd
    The video thing was odd because there was this "page" of something from Canada with an announcement like "The winners for this year's program are..." and then it had "Allie X - That's So Us (Music Video)". Might try to lurk around lanaboards to find it.

    Also tried to find the original note but the guy deleted\edited

    (original link)

    Then there was a compilation that someone else did for Collxtion II timeline

    Ugh upsetting the original page was deleted. It was a long piece about almost every single leak or song that was circulating back then. Stuff like lyrics and etc.

    I remember something about 3 different versions of "Stranger", titles like "La Bamba" and "Door Bell" being from the same sessions as Never Enough in 2013 (?)... but it was a nice read.
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  20. Wish I could have seen the first note, damn. The Collxtion II one is interesting. Some of it rings a bell, but some details are a little off or different from what I knew.

    I know there was a lot of discussion about Cure at one point, and people decided it was that one snippet from her story, but the real tea is that Cure was a rewrite of Wreck It All. I recall the chorus lyric being something like, "I don't wanna hurt no more / (baby you could?) be the cure."

    La Bamba is a really funny track, it has full demo production and a gorgeous melody but the words are all gibberish. She talked about writing Paper Love and a few other songs that way, where the melody comes to her first and then she pieces the lyrics together later, but it was funny to hear a full song still in that Simlish form.

    I've also heard her demo of Heavy Love that Lea Michele ended up recording. It's always been privately hilarious to me that Lea aped Allie's original ad-libs note-for-note over the final chorus.
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